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As Teddy and Cristina scrub in for Nick's surgery, Teddy offers Cristina a variety of different pieces of the procedure to choose from or, if she wants, she can be the primary surgeon. Cristina is so over it now and just says, "Fine." Teddy snaps at this and asks her not what she means but what she's going to do about her future -- is she staying or going? When Cristina doesn't say anything, Teddy implores her that if this is about Owen, she's sure they can fix whatever it is that's wrong." Cristina doesn't look at her, just stares straight ahead and says she'll take all of the surgery, and then thanks Teddy for the offer before escaping into the OR.

Meanwhile, Mark and Jackson are getting ready to cut out Chloe's worm. She's fraught with anxiety and guilt over Jimmy's situation because she was the one who insisted they go to Thailand and she thinks she's been trying to get him to be someone else. She then asks if maybe she made a mistake. As good Seattle Grace surgeons do, Mark and Jackson manage to make this all about themselves and immediately want to know why she might think that. She points out that they keep coming back to each other expecting things to change which is, in fact, the definition of insanity. But Mark defends that it could be love, not insanity, and if there is a spark, there's a spark. Jackson adds that maybe she thought it was a spark but it just happened once and she has no time to figure it out because she is probably moving halfway across the country. Finally, in an uncomfortable moment everyone realizes the conversation has strayed too far afield and they all get back to the job of pulling the worm out of Chloe's deep tissue.

Derek, Meredith, Ben and Bailey are all in the OR together for Jimmy's surgery and while Derek is being cautious trying to figure out where Wormio has buried himself, Bailey's happy to just dig even farther into the man's spine to find him. Ben is the one who realizes Bailey's gotten obsessed with movies and makes a crack about how she's starring in her own, which explains her lines from earlier. She gets all defensive and is completely shocked that he is still upset about their plans. When he mentions the crossword again she loses it and says fine, let's do it right now. She goes to his bag and finds the thing, and begins to solve it out loud, with lots of attitude and drama. Derek actually has the gall to say to Meredith that this is why you should never work with your girlfriend. This, from the man who insisted his wife work with him after legitimately disastrous results the first time around and against all of her protestations and then who hit the roof and blamed her completely when something once again went wrong. Yes, Derek is totally the expert to coach other couples on the hazards of working together.

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