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Everybody Hurts

Callie finds her wife standing outside in the rain, crying. She assures Arizona that she just checked on Nick and that he is stable, but Arizona turns and pleads with Callie to never leave. She begs her, and Callie assures her that she isn't going anywhere. Arizona is completely overwhelmed and cries that after her brother died, she said she'd never go through anything like that again, but here she is. Now, I know Callie made a brief mention of it earlier but I think it bears repeating that she did come very, very close to going through it again -- close enough that everyone sang their way through an episode. I guess she's not counting that since ultimately Callie lived, but that was a lot of emotional Hell to endure before that point. Callie just assures Arizona that she's there, and holds her while she sobs.

Owen is sleeping in an on-call room when Cristina quietly sneaks in and watches him a moment. He's confused to see her but sits up and tries to sound supportive as he asks her where she's going to go. She sits down next to him, he adds that she can't go wrong with any of her choices. When she finally turns to look at him he's staring sadly at the wall and when he turns to her, she then kisses him. He's confused and kind of scared but she touches his face and after that, they start kissing desperately and climb into bed, grabbing at each other as if their lives depended on it.

Ben is at home on the sofa when Bailey gets home, and she walks in wearing her hair up, makeup, heels, and a black trench coat. She strikes a pose, and asks Ben to propose to her again. He looks at her, obviously liking what he sees, but tells her that she should come sit down with him. NO. That is never good and I don't like it because I like these two together. She undoes her coat and flashes him with whatever might or might not be underneath and repeats her request, but he tells her that while he'd love nothing more than that she should sit down. She thinks he's upset about the botched proposal and gets exasperated but tells him she's wearing a thong now, which is as sorry as she gets. "Ask me!" Instead, he reminds her that there was the shooting, and they broke up, and that he wanted to go do something inspiring but didn't think whatever it was would actually happen. Oh lord, didn't we hear this almost verbatim once from Arizona? Sure enough, he admits that he was accepted at UCLA (Go Bruins!) as a surgical intern. She stares, shocked, and he reminds her that this means he'd be working seven days a week, crazy hours, 1,000 miles away. As she finally sits down he tells her, "Everything's different now." Look, this is a bloated cast, but he wasn't on the list of people I wanted to leave.

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