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Everybody Hurts

A phone rings so Mere mutes the music and everyone keeps quiet while Cristina takes a call. After she hangs up she yells that Mayo now wants to give her a research lab, which means they are back in the running. April whoops for her and is forcing herself so hard it feels like she's going to have some sort of psychological breakdown sooner rather than later. Even Alex makes a comment to Jackson that now he knows what rock bottom looks like. Unfortunately, he jinxes it. A phone rings and the music is muted again but this time it's UVA calling to pull April's job offer since they want a board-certified surgeon. Everyone looks worried and uncomfortable but she hollers at them to turn the music back on and then starts to dance and scream with a vengeance while Jackson glares at her from across the room.

Later that night, Cristina stumbles back to the firehouse and sees Owen asleep in the bed. She stares at him a while and he eventually wakes but then warily holds still as if he might spook her. He's shocked and not sure what to do when she crawls across the bed to him and then cuddles up on his chest. He asks her what she's doing and she mumbles that she doesn't know, and then he asks her if she's drunk but she has the same answer. She massages his shoulder while he holds her tight, looking worried. She then sits up and waits a couple of moments before shuffling back down the stairs and back outside. He just sighs.

Ben is the absolute definition of "good morning" the next day as he pours mimosas and calls out the day's plans to Bailey - a Sargent exhibit at the museum, Pike Place, and maybe watching the sunset over the water later. First, it's breakfast in bed and the crossword, which he has set on the mimosa tray with two pencils. He could only be cuter if he was holding a puppy wearing a beret in his other hand. But when he turns to go to the bedroom, he's dismayed to find Bailey up and dressed. She pleads that the hospital called because there is a patient with all sorts of deliciously horrible unexplained things happening with his stomach. He tries to order her to stay home for her one day off but she tries to convince him that it will fun and invites him to come along; her excitement absolutely can't be diluted by his disappointment.

The patient with the exciting stomach turns out to be Jimmy Barrett from Mad Men and he's married to Chloe from 24. He's completely freaked out and keeps jumping to the worst possible conclusions while Chloe is kind of snide and dismissive; when Bailey and Meredith hear that they were just on their honeymoon they are surprised since they seem so "comfortable" (that's a very generous euphemism) with each other. It turns out they were on their third honeymoon as they have been married and divorced twice already and to celebrate their third go at it they went to Thailand. The bickering gives way to gooey smiling as Chloe says they just can't seem to stay away from each other, and the docs offer them amused congratulations.

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