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April looks kind of sick at this whole turn of events as Alex walks back over and sets his phone on the counter. They both stare at it, but it's a watched pot and so stays silent. Alex tries to brush it off again as bullshit but even April has to admit she doesn't think Richard is kidding around. He finally declares he is over it and turns to walk away but just then, the phone rings.

Meredith finds Cristina and announces that she has made a decision; Cristina is actually really genuinely pleased until Mere announces that her decision is that Cristina should go to Stanford. Mere tells her that she will be staying here, so if Cristina goes to Stanford she can bring Zola down and they can get drunk on the weekends. Fortunately she rethinks that last bit as soon as it is out of her mouth but unfortunately she seems blind to just how much Cristina is not playing along with this at all.

Teddy bounds up and asks Cristina if there's anything she wants to go over about the conjoined twins in Boise and then reminds her with a grin that she'll be the sole cardiothoracic surgeon from Seattle Grace, and that it's pretty unheard of for an attending just to send a fellow like that. Teddy grandly tells her that is the kind of faith she has in Cristina. Cristina dryly points out that she's not actually a fellow yet, But Teddy just agrees and excitedly tells Cristina to think about the perks she would get once she really is. She then calls out how proud she is as she runs off.

Mere can't believe that Cristina hasn't told Teddy yet that she's leaving but Cristina just mumbles that she hasn't decided yet. Mere reminds her that she did, in fact, just decide Stanford. Look, I have a best friend in my life and I get it, but it would do Mere some good for her to actually listen and realize that all she's doing is annoying her friend right now. (And my own bestie -- and my other California friends -- deserve massive props for supporting me when I moved all the way across the country and didn't try to talk me out of it like Meredith is doing now.) Alex then walks up and yells, "Hopkins!" and it's kind of awesome that Cristina reminds him they aren't in the running, so he has to explicitly explain no, they want him. He quickly explains what happens and Cristina, smiling, realizes this means they already know he's a jerk. I don't know why I find it so sweet when Alex chuckles back, relieved, "They totally know!" but there's something endearingly honest about that -- way more than when we're being told to believe that he's got Deep Feelings for Morgan. He's really touched that they want him; Meredith tells him she's not surprised at all but Cristina tells him she's utterly and completely surprised. After a moment regarding him with a sly smile, she actually leans over and gives him a big hug, commenting, "Nice work, evil spawn." He walks off, cheering to himself.

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