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Everybody Hurts

Mark admits that he owes it to both women not to screw up his decision and despairs that Julia wants to give him everything he wants, but he's in love with Lexie who doesn't want any of that stuff. Yet, Mark. I don't think we have ever heard her ideas on motherhood in the future, but she's young and still a resident and doesn't want kids now, and I think that's reasonable. However, that's less easily encapsulated into once sad sentence in an elevator. On cue, the doors open and there is Lexie. She gets completely flustered and tries to hand Derek the paperwork that she was bringing him on the Boise twins but she takes so long that when she turns to flee, the elevator doors close on her. Derek tries to motion to Mark to make some grand gesture but he stays still and then when the doors open back up again, the boys almost trample her as they try to get out. Mark then turns to Lexie and tells her that he didn't forget about that thing she said, but just needs to ruminate on it. "You know, run it up the old flagpole?" Between Nine Inch Nails being

Derek smirks at Mark while, in the elevator, Lexie shudders as if she's physically trying to shake off the conversation. Derek tells Mark it's a shame he's going to Boston, since he'll miss all this. Avery then runs up to Mark and asks if he has a moment because he wants to talk both about his future and about a little incident he had at the boards that is confusing him. But Mark is too far up his own behind and walks off as if he doesn't even hear Jackson.

Callie finds Arizona in the nursery checking on a baby who could nearly rival Zola with her full-cheeked, ultra-potent cuteness. Arizona is all happy and smiley when Callie greets her but then Callie asks if this baby is dying right now, because Nick is. She gives Arizona a really hard time about avoiding the man she said was her rock and then warns her that he's about to leave and not have the lifesaving surgery that he needs because Arizona won't let up on her anger at him not coming sooner. Callie won't let Arizona try to justify herself and instead just tells her sadly that she doesn't understand how she can watch babies die every day, and could be there for Callie when she almost died, but she's ignoring her best friend now when he needs her. She gives Arizona a final warning to pull her shit together before he leaves for good. Before she goes she then asks, worried, if Ms. Cute Cheeks there really is dying, and is relieved when Arizona says that she is not. Seriously, nothing would be worse than using a cute baby to make a point and then finding out they are actually a tragic story.

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