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Everybody Hurts

Jimmy is completely freaked out that Bailey and Mere still have no real info after his surgery, and isn't really placated by the fact that at least they repaired the damage. Chloe insults him some more, telling him stress from his overreacting might be causing it, but she scratches her arm while she's talking and it's so obviously a plot point she might as well be wearing a hat with big neon arrows and a sign that says, "ARM HERE!" pointing down at what she is doing. As they bicker about Thailand and what is sanitary versus what is experiencing the local color, Bailey looks at her arm which has a bunch of swirly scratches on it that look a little like Heidi Klum's tattoo of Seal's name. (Which: oops.) What Heidi's arm is mercifully missing is the wriggling worm that Chloe has under her skin. Mere and Bailey are both rather excited and tell Jimmy they think they found what is eating his insides. Jimmy looks like I probably would at that news, which is like he might spew some of those insides all over the floor.

So now we know now not to eat sushi from a Thai train station. Ben finds Bailey researching the worm and bitterly tells her that he'll go ahead and cancel their lunch reservation. She is unsympathetic and mocks him for still being hung up on lunch and his Plan for the day. She finds a once-in-a-lifetime parasite to be far more interesting than a crossword and a salad. Dude. Give me a crossword and a salad any day. I hate to say this, but she verges on nasty as she continues to give him a hard time, but he just argues that the patient is taking medicine and the worm is going to die, so she might as well go to lunch! He tells her this isn't like the movies, where the worm will eat his brain and turn him into a zombie. Bailey is totally excited to learn what movie this is and is totally bummed to find out that he just made it out on the spot. He stomps out of the room, while she practically has an orgasm staring at the worm research.

Hunt does not take well to Alex's news about Hopkins and gets super shouty about how Alex already made a commitment. Alex is struggling to hold his ground since he feels guilty about this too but he points out that he hasn't signed a contract and just committed verbally. Owen's comment that he thought his word would be good doesn't knock Alex off track, and he says that normally that is true but Hopkins is HOPKINS and so kind of the exception. Behind Owen, Richard is treating a patient but also silently coaching Alex through the showdown. Alex struggles through and looks like he might crack at any moment, but Owen is so overwhelmed and angry that he somehow misses this completely. Alex tells Owen he wants them to up his salary the amount that would equal the moving expenses that Hopkins is throwing in. And then Owen plays right into Richard's and Alex's hands -- he claims he has no money and turns to leave, but Alex calls out after him that he should look at his Incidentals and Overhead fund. He's quivering with nerves but he it has the desired effect; Owen tries to deny he has any idea what that is but finally snaps up the paper Alex has with his demands and leaves. Alex heaves a sigh of relief, while Richard gives him a "You da man!" point of encouragement.

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