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The residents then gather in the cafeteria for lunch and as Alex wolfs down spaghetti, Mere continues her Stanford presentation by telling Cristina that they have a chef who makes farm-to-table meals to order, which you can place by text message from the OR. Mere keeps hounding her and Cristina keeps trying to put her off, so Jackson changes the subject by pointing out that at Tulane he can have crawfish, but what kind of food would he get at USC? What do they eat there? "Souls," he's told. A lot of them just subsist on their own smugness, I've found. That and lots of beer. April's phone rings and she realizes the number is from New York which means it is Mount Sinai. April is inclined to ignore it and fully admits it is because she doesn't want the bad news to become real just yet. Finally, Cristina reaches over and grabs the phone and does a rather uncanny April impression. It's mean, but it's shockingly accurate. She sounds kind of upbeat and finally thanks the caller and hangs up. For one moment, April thinks they didn't pull the offer but Cristina tells her that they did, she just figured that's what April would sound like "in the face of rejection."

Jackson is upset on April's behalf but newly-nice Alex offers "Apes" some fries. She declines them angrily since she knows they are pity fries. Jackson puts his hand on her arm as he assures her she still has Case Western and Seattle but she wrestles her arm away from him. He's asked what Sloan thinks about Tulane and gripes that he can't get anything out of Mark since he's hung up on his own mysterious problems right now. Lexie shudders at this, gets up and leaves. Jackson comments that he's been disturbed himself these days, and he and April glare at each other and I'm not sure if we're supposed to feel sexual tension, but really I just feel April's desperation that makes me wonder if she isn't going to try something crazy soon. Her phone rings again, and this time it's Cleveland and she knows Case Western is about to let her down too. Cristina holds the phone out to her but when April doesn't take it, she answers it again. This time, though, she tells the person on the other line, "Well, you know what? I am an awesome surgeon. And I would have rocked your stupid little program so it is your loss. Go to hell." It's Cristina's way of being nice to April, but only showcases just how horrible things are for the Chief Resident right now.

When Arizona walks in to Nick's room he's dressed and ready to leave for Belize. She lectures him that he's going to have the surgery, and they argue, and he finally lays into her for butting in now after ignoring him for three days. He points out that this is hard for her, but kind of harder for him right now being full of cancer and totally alone. He tells her sadly that she was supposed to be there for him and when she tries to say she has his back he shoots back, "So have it!" It very much echoes Cristina and Owen yelling at each other and wanting each other to be their Person. Arizona pleads with him to have the surgery and promises that she'll be there and it will work. He thinks a moment and then tells her, "The things a guy has to do to get your attention. And everyone is saaad.

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