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In a refreshing change of pace, this week's voiceover is actually straightforward and to the point: surgeons go through five years of training but ultimately none of that matters because the only thing that does matter is this one test. At Seattle Grace, an airport shuttle waits in the middle of the ambulance bay to take our residents away to take that test. We pretend that there are more than five residents at the hospital as unknown residents hug unknown attendings and pretend to act nervous and excited. It's nice of any traumas to hold off on happening so that we can have a big, emotional goodbye scene without any sick or maimed individuals needing to actually be brought in right where the van is haphazardly parked.

April had already been on the van but runs off in a tizzy because some of the others are late. Owen tries to calm her but she bursts into tears and cries that her parents told her that their church is praying for her, but what if she doesn't pass? Owen looks about as befuddled as what to do with this crying girl as my dad does when my sister or I turn on the waterworks. He decides to take the tough approach, reminding her that she is a trauma surgeon. Interestingly, I never realized until this point that she really had declared trauma as her specialty. I know she seemed to do well in it, but every time we saw her there was so much focus on her Chief Resident duties that her specialty never remotely occurred to me. He tries to get her to say with conviction, "I am a soldier." She tries a couple of times and never does it terribly convincingly, but he eventually sends her back on the bus as he looks heavenward as if for guidance.

Mark is advising Jackson to have salmon for dinner since it's good for his brain, while Jackson texts someone and tries valiantly to ignore his mentor. Finally, Mark gets him to really pay attention when he pulls out a drug-dealer-size wad of cash just in case Avery needed some extra. Teddy coaches Cristina that they want standard, rather than cutting-edge, answers. Cristina cuts Teddy off and points out that none of her rapid-fire, last-minute advice is actually helping her to relax. Teddy agrees and stops, and then joyously sends her off to the bus; when Cristina gets there she sees Owen and looks at him for one moment before turning and climbing on the van without a word.

Bailey and Arizona are standing together and in response to Arizona's excitement Bailey comments, "They started off with so little promise, I feel like I'm witnessing a miracle!" Oh Bailey, I get that sometimes you have emotions but this is the you that I really love. Arizona then realizes that Alex isn't there, but Bailey reassures her that he'll be there since Arizona trained him right. But this makes her realize angrily that Meredith hasn't appeared yet, either.

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