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Alex is the one to undertake the sad task of turning off Tommy's machines, and as he does he explains each step to Morgan. He stops and asks if she is okay and she nods, though tears are running down her face. Finally, he turns off the ventilator. In the quiet you can hear tiny, quick, labored breaths which actually rather broke my heart. Alex wraps him up in a blanket as he explains that his breathing will slow and his heart will finally stop, and that it could be minutes or hours. He hands the baby to Morgan, who smiles and points out that this is the first time she's really gotten to hold him, not all hooked up to wires and machines. She sits in a rocker and Alex turns to leave, but she asks him to stay so he pulls up a stool and sits next to her. Man, that tiny animatronic baby is one of the most moving things they have shown in a while.

When Mark runs into Lexie again, the first thing he asks is if it was him who broke up Lexie and Jackson. She's freaked out at first but it turns out he has things mixed up and thinks that she was uncomfortable about having to see Mark all the time with him and Jackson working together. He's worried at the idea that he could make her uncomfortable but she assures him it's not the case. He then tells her that it's nice to talk with her, and he misses her. She admits she misses him too, and then after a pause seems to screw up her courage and starts to talk to Mark about why she and Jackson actually broke up. But Mark has decided that it's not his business after all, and without his knowing it everything he says makes it harder for Lexie to cut in and tell him the truth. He says that they can be friends who don't ever talk about that kind of thing. But as he leaves he adds that if she isn't over Jackson, she should tell him, because they were great together. She is gutted since this is just what she wants to say to Mark, but she just thanks him dully and smiles as he tells her not to stay too late.

Catherine and Richard's dinner reaches the dessert course, and they are having a good laugh comparing notes on how they freak out the residents as they administer the test. He laughs and tells her he knows her moves, and she pounces right on that and tells him saucily that she might have some moves he hasn't seen. She then gives him another dose of her bedroom eyes and he ponders this, and then asks if she wants coffee. No. Dessert? No. She's coy, and he seems to be buying time to figure out if he really wants to go down this road. He asks if she's tired, and she is decidedly not. So finally he asks if she wants him to get the check. Without taking her heavy-lidded eyes off of him she grabs a waiter by the hand and asks for the check.

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