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And now it's time for the sex montage. The sextage, if you will. They get to her room and start pulling each other's clothes off while they kiss. I laughed out loud as he tried to pull the tie out of her wrap dress and he had to keep pulling and pulling because it's so long -- that happens to me just trying to get my own dress off my own self after work in the evening. She gets on the bed and smiles at him, and he has one more sad moment and looks away. But she goes over and takes his face in her hands, and eventually he crawls onto the bed with her and they get down to business.

The younger Avery is also having an amazing time and April is giddy as she rolls off of him. He's really amazingly sweet, and seems surprised that it was so great. She giggles that it was, and he turns and tells her sincerely that she was great. She starts to calm down, and he asks if she's glad they did it. She says that she is, but her mood sobers as the minutes go by. He can sense this, and he sits up and asks her if she's okay. She says she's fine, just tired, but seems wigged out as she says they should get some sleep. He asks her if he should stay there and she agrees, but then starts to comment that he doesn't have to and he realizes that she might want some time alone. The entire time they are talking he's carefully gauging all her reactions and between that and his bare torso, I'm kind of falling in love myself. After asking her again if she's okay he gives her a kiss and then gets out of bed while she lays back, kind of troubled.

Mere and Cristina are now lying down on either side of the door, and Mere offers that Cristina could come live with her for a while since most of the other residents are all gone. But Cristina doesn't want to do that. Mere asks for confirmation that at least Owen is moving out, and can't seem to process it when Cristina admits she doesn't know that, nor if she is going to leave him. She sits up and seems kind of desperate for Meredith to understand how complicated this is, and how there's more to it than just breaking up since they are married. Mere seems sort of to want to understand, but she keeps talking divorce and sees this as very black and white because Owen cheated on her. Oh Meredith, it's GREY, can't you see? This is a horribly confusing situation. And it's actually interesting because it's such a call back to the early storylines on this show that were so good because they depicted realistic, difficult situations that didn't have clear right and wrong solutions. I'm surprised that Meredith can't seem to accept Cristina's confusion but then again, right now she's the mama bear and is feeling protective of her friend, and I get that. I've been through that and played the Meredith role here, so I so totally get it, even though I'm also annoyed with Mere.

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