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Cristina says bluntly that Owen screwed someone one time when he was drunk, and she's not sure that means the marriage is over; Mere tries to say what she'd do if it was her but Cristina doesn't want to hear it. She points out that she knows that she herself could have done the same thing and if that had happened, she wouldn't want Owen to leave her for it. I'm so annoyed that Mere is sitting there being so judgmental but again, that's probably because I can see myself in her right now. When your person has been wronged, you don't want to see all the angles, you want to kill that person. But Mere sits there silent and Cristina finally tells her to spit it out. "You got married awfully fast," Mere says. Desperately, Cristina begs Mere to be on her side -- just like Owen said to Cristina. Both women are frustrated, Mere because Cristina seems to be defending Owen and Cristina because Mere can't seem to understand what she's saying. Well, and it's frustrating and sad for her in general to be the one going through all of this. Cristina finally admits that she wants to leave him, and Mere just says, "Okay" -- a noncommittal answer until she figures out what Cristina really wants to hear. This means Stanford or Columbia for Cristina and Mere points out sadly that she'd be leaving Mere too. Cristina asks hopefully about the Brigham job but Mere admits she's probably not going to take it so Cristina has to admit that yeah, she'd be leaving Mere too. Cristina says that there are phones but Mere reminds her that she hates the phone, and Cristina has to agree. Finally, Mere tells Cristina to stick her hand under the door. She does, and Mere reaches over and weakly pats her hand while a tear rolls down Cristina's face. I would think that's probably still plenty germy, but both of them need the contact right now.

As Morgan rocks Tommy, he finally takes his last little breath and goes quiet. She panics and cries that she's not ready yet, but Alex feels his pulse and realizes he is gone. He puts his hand on Morgan's arm and she crumbles and cries to her baby how much she loves him. As she begins to wail, Alex reaches his other hand to her shoulder to hold her as best he can.

The next morning, Arizona walks up to Alex and asks how Morgan is doing; Alex gives a typically shitty reply, asking Arizona how she thinks the girl is doing after losing her baby. He then asks if the nagging can wait but she informs him that it can't, because she needs him as her pediatrics fellow and in order to become that, he has to, oh, TAKE THE FUCKING BOARDS. Alex actually argues that he has to stay there for Morgan but Arizona assures him that they will look after her, and then reminds him that he is just Tommy's doctor and nothing more. Alex whines that he can't make it anyway since the test is in three hours, but Arizona challenges him by saying he's never given up on a patient before, so he shouldn't give up on this. She orders him to at least try to make it. Look, I just don't believe that after these five years, Alex is stupid enough to just let this go. I also don't know how the Boards work, so maybe they can reschedule, but the way everyone has been talking it sounded very much like it is a one-shot deal. I guess the bottom line is that this is aggravating; I know they need drama because this is TV, but let's not make such a cheap effort to create it, okay?

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