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That is because Meredith is at daycare with Zola, who has just turned into a barf factory. She's all worried and thinks she should stay but both Derek and Callie are there trying to convince her to go. Callie is invested because she put in too much effort for Mere's mom hormones to cause Mere to miss the test and Derek reminds her that in fact he is a doctor and he'll be fine to take care of Zola while she is gone. Callie adds a reminder that they are all doctors there, and hey, it takes a village, doesn't it? Mere smothers Zola in kisses -- something I understood completely but thought wasn't thoroughly wise even the first time I watched this episode in real time -- and then leaves. Derek then tries to take up villager Callie on her implied offer of help but Callie shuts him right down since Sofia just got over this very flu. She calls out that she was only giving Mere a handy metaphor, and then leaves Derek with his sick (but still sickeningly cute) daughter.

Alex, meanwhile, is worried about Tommy again and is standing over the incubator looking at his chart. Tommy seems to be deteriorating but as we haven't seen Alex give the baby a second thought over the past few weeks, this feels kind of contrived already. The confused look on Morgan's face speaks for all of us, and she reminds him that Tommy isn't his patient any more. She adds that they are getting along just fine without him and tells him not to butt in now, but I'm not 100% convinced she would actually mind his butting in. Arizona, though, is another story. She sees Alex and calls him away, then refuses to answer any questions about Tommy and just gives him tips about the test as she wheels his suitcase down the hall. Alex tells her he's got it and she tells him she hopes he does; he freaks out wondering what she means, and she changes her tune to act all sure he's going to do awesome.

When Alex gets down to the van April hollers at him for being 23 minutes late and he yells back with a tone of actual malice, asking if it's too late to get a van without her on it. Oh Lord, save me from yet another hour of everybody being genuinely shitty to each other. Bailey is happy to see Meredith finally get on the bus, but she then turns and catches Owen looking longingly through the window at the back of Cristina's head. Bailey's smile fades as she watches him, but she pulls herself together as she walks in front of the van and happily smacks the hood as she goes past. It's the universal sign for, "Good to go," but don't you do that from behind the vehicle, so they don't then go and just run you over? Fortunately, they wait until she walks past to leave and everyone waves and calls good luck.

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