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Cristina hands Mere her packet and then glances around the room, figuring that if April's numbers are correct then 20 of the 100 or so people around them are going to fail. Mere is too sick to care, and Cristina runs off as Alex tries to call Arizona again.

At the hospital, we see her ignore the call because she's talking to Morgan. She explains that Tommy has another problem with his bowel and they won't know how bad it is until they go in. She warns Morgan that since part of the bowel has already been removed, there's a good chance he won't make it through the procedure. But Morgan has heard this before and he's made it each other time, so she wants the surgery and gives Arizona a little bit of attitude as if Arizona is being too cautious and annoying. Arizona looks deeply unsure, but she agrees.

Teddy and Owen, meanwhile, are fighting about the best way to treat their patient and Callie rolls her eyes at all of their ridiculous sparring over what procedure they will perform first. Bailey thinks Teddy's idea is the best compromise, but she is also able to act as peacemaker and finally Owen grudging gives in to their way. Callie then tells them all she'll be back when it's time to do her own part of the surgery. Bailey wasn't expecting her to leave but Callie can't believe Bailey is going to stay since being in an OR with Owen and Teddy these days is horrifyingly awful. Bailey tries to say they are professionals but Callie says that it's awful, tense, and frankly dangerous. I'm glad someone finally pointed that last part out -- it has seemed like these docs all like to get their own way sometimes at the expense of the patient's well-being. Callie feels so strongly about the horribleness that she describes it as: "Like diffusing a bomb in a haunted house that's built on a minefield and there are bears everywhere. And the bears have knives." She tells Bailey that over the next few hours, she has to step up and tame the two fighting surgeons or else they'll take down everyone else with them. Bailey seems confused, and I can't help but wonder where she's been all this time since we've seen plenty of nasty exchanges that totally back up what Callie is saying.

The four healthy residents are all hanging out in a hotel room, and Avery is doing last-minute studying. Alex tells him he should give it up -- if they don't know the info now, they are screwed. He mentions the power of Avery's magical pencil to help see him through and Cristina perks right up and wants to know details. As they make fun of him, April bursts into tears AGAIN because she can't believe the time has really come. They pretty much try to ignore her and talk about Meredith; Cristina is a mama bear on the subject of her person and insists Mere is fine. Alex tries calling Arizona again and she finally answers; as Jackson rubs April's knee and tries to calm her down, Alex asks about Tommy. Arizona wants Alex to let it go but finally admits that his hunch about Tommy's health was right, and they are going to operate in a few hours. He had started to ask about Morgan but cuts himself off, which is probably because he knew Arizona wouldn't even give him any info. But when he hears that they are going to operate on Tommy, he hangs up and then declares to the room that he has to go back to Seattle. When he turns and leaves the room, it's too much for April's delicate psyche and she begins to wail in panic that they are all falling apart.

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