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April and Jackson are down in the hotel bar having dinner (him) and a drink (her) and mercifully, she's not crying. She is still kind of in a panic about their group falling apart but Jackson just reminds her to concentrate on herself. She finally is able to say, "I'm a soldier," though Jackson has no idea what she is talking about. (Really? I mean, even if he doesn't know that Owen started it, it's not that crazy a statement to make when trying to pump oneself up to tackle something, is it?) The two congratulate themselves on being the last men standing and then hear a laugh from across the bar and notice that Mr. Case Western is there drinking with his buddies, and he starts to walk over. A friend comes with him and I cringe for the guy since he's trying to calm the guy down without making a huge scene, and he's kind of embarrassed at Mr. CW's behavior. Oh man, we have all been there.

Mr. CW first acts like he's apologizing but once he and April shake hands, he implies that she might have gotten the job offer through some extra special favors. He won't let it go and just gets douchier and douchier, so Jackson tells him to go sleep it off. Mr. CW makes another snide comment and finally April can't stand it any longer and she leaps up and punches him right in the nose, then doubles over holding her hurt fist. Mr. CW is infuriated and calls her a bitch but he won't hit a woman -- instead, he turns and punches Jackson in the face. He can't believe it and the two face off, but when Mr. CW dares him to "go," April jumps in front of Jackson and yells, "Yeah, bitch! I want to go!" She then leaps onto Case Western and clings to him, trying to sock him in the back, and it's awesomely hilarious.

Jackson has to pull her off of the guy and carries her a few feet away while she still kicks and punches in Mr. CW's general direction and screams threats at him. She tries to break free but they stop when a very familiar voice starts yelling that anyone not out in 30 seconds is barred from the test. It's none other than Richard, who is stunned to see two of his residents in the middle of a barroom fight. They ask what he's doing there but he's in no mood to answer their questions and continues to yell and threaten them. They are struggling to keep straight faces and finally run out of the bar, giggling, while he seems to marvel at the idiocy of Kids Today.

When Arizona breaks the news about Tommy to Morgan, Morgan can't seem to process what she is saying and Arizona has to tell her point-blank that Tommy won't survive. Morgan is so used to him pulling through everything that she pleads that there must be more they can do. From behind her, Alex calls her name and then walks up and tells her gently that she did absolutely everything. The sad music starts up as she starts to cry. He tells her he's sorry and eventually puts his arms out; she falls into them and he holds her.

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