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Teddy is finally, really almost finished but as she is about to hand over the reins to Owen, alarms start to ring. Owen just petulantly tells them, "I knew it." Knew what? Teddy asks him the same thing and points out that sometimes grafts leak. But she's also being equally awful to him, lest you worry that I am taking sides. Both of them have reverted to angry children. Bailey and Teddy are working anxiously and need help but when Bailey yells at Owen to knock him out of his angry haze and assist, he declines and says that Teddy can assist Bailey. He announces that his head isn't in the game, so he shouldn't be there, and he'll go ahead and leave them to it. I just hope this kid lives so he's not an actual casualty of their immaturity.

Catherine is riding up the escalator when Richard catches sight of her, and they greet each other with a surprised and happy hug. He didn't know she would be there, but she explains that she helps give the test every year; "Making the future of medicine wet its pants." Richard tells her he is filling in at the last minute for a guy who came down with the stomach flu -- a guy who is luckier than Mere in that he can just call up a replacement. "I figured I'd spend the entire day staring at sweaty anxious residents," but he tells her she is a much bigger view. She gives him a big grin and both of them laugh uproariously, almost like caricatures, and seem to already know where this is going to lead.

Cristina knocks on the adjoining door to check on Mere, who is still feeling absolutely awful; seriously, this all makes so much more sense now that I know they are in adjoining rooms. In the recaplet I said that Cristina was sleeping on the floor in the hallway and this seemed insane to me, so I'm very glad to see that I was wrong and just somehow missed the adjoining door of it all. She doesn't want Mere to open the door so Mere winds up hanging her IV bag on the hook on the door and sitting down, while Cristina sits down on the opposite side so that they can still hang out together and talk. Mere asks if Cristina thinks that Zola is going to hate her, and Cristina is understandably confused as to how this could possibly be. Mere explains that moms should be there when their kids are sick, and hers wasn't, yadda yadda yadda. Mere, she is one year old and this is two days that you are going to be gone. Relax. Instead of saying that, Cristina quietly admits that Owen cheated on her. Cristina seems pretty horrified when Mere says she knows (despite Mere being sure Cristina knew that Mere knew) but Mere assures her that no one else knows, and that Owen just told her by accident. Cristina just sits and digests this and Mere declares that Owen is a pig and Cristina deserves better. When she gets to response she asks Cristina if she is still there. She is, and they both just sit there, sad.

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