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Much Too Much
side the toilet, splashing toilet water all over his face and into his mouth. GAAAAAG. Alex and Olivia wrestle him off the toilet and back into bed, where they restrain him. APCM yaps and spits and yells the whole time, and I'm sure that toilet water he's spraying all around is most delicious for Alex and Olivia. Alex tells Olivia to give him a 3% hypertonic solution, 500ccs per hour for the next four hours, to stabilize him. Olivia nods as she struggles with the restraints. APCM spits some more at Alex and says he thinks he's such a hotshot doctor, but he's going to fire him, too! Shut up, APCM. Alex: "Go ahead. Fire me."

Oh, my. Burke is at his house using one of those ab roller exercise wheels, the kind where you can see all the muscles popping out of one's t-shirt? Yes. Cristina walks in, and -- no! -- he stops. She stands there for a second, no doubt reeling from the hotness, then says, "I used the key." Burke says that's a step. Cristina walks towards him slowly and asks if he really wants to know her. Burke: "There is nothing you could reveal about yourself that I wouldn't want to know." Aw! Seriously, he's perfect, y'all. Cristina gives him a long look, then we cut to...

...her opening the door to her apartment. Strummy la-la music starts playing as Burke looks around Cristina's place, which is absolutely filthy. Well, not so much filthy as strewn with books and clothes and other unidentifiable objects. There's a white shirt flung across a lampshade! If Al Lowe were here, she would give you a death glare, then sternly remind you that that is a fire hazard. I once left my Chi iron on at her house while we went to Target or something, and I suddenly had six feet of burnt-down fury unleashed on my five-foot ass. It still hurts right there in the one knee. As Burke tries to get a hold of himself, Cristina announces, "This is where I live. My mother decorated it. I don't do laundry, I buy new underwear. The table? Six months of magazines I know I'll never read but I won't throw out. I don't wash dishes, vacuum, or put the toilet paper on the holder. I hired a maid once. She ran away crying. The only things in my fridge are water, vodka, and diet soda, and I don't care. But you do. Still think living together is a good idea?" Burke looks down at the "floor," then gives Cristina a grim little smile. Run away, Burke! Run from the fire!

Alex and Mere are getting coffee at the stand outside. Izzie runs up and tells them that Addison is putting them on notice for when the quints are born, because there will be multiple surgeries, and they'll need all the hands they can get. They both say that's fine. Izzie says she'll just page them when they're needed. They're both like, "Fine!" Izzie's all, "Oookay, then." Alex and Mere go sit down with their coffee. He says he was studying, and asks what her excuse is. Mere: "I was staring at the ceiling in abject horror." Hee. She tells him about Running Guy. Alex: "I heard you broke his penis. Nice!" Mere says things only get problematic when you start to care. Alex looks over at Izzie getting her coffee, and says, "Right." His pager goes off, so he doesn't get any more time to ruminate on all that stupid caring he's having to do.

It's Nurse Olivia who's paged Alex; APCM started acting all jittery, and slurring his words. Alex asks APCM if he can hear him, and APCM answers by having a seizure. McDreamy runs in and asks Alex what he gave him. Alex says he gave him 500ccs over four hours. Nurse Olivia of the Snitch corrects, "Actually, he ordered 500ccs per hour over four hours." Oops. McDreamy says his brain is swelling. "Why didn't you do a follow-up? I gave you one thing to do!" Alex says he's sorry, and asks if APCM is going to be okay. McDreamy says he can't operate like this. Alex looks sad. At least APCM isn't talking anymore.

Alex is bouncing a ball angrily against the wall. Olivia comes in and apologizes. She says she wasn't trying to get him in trouble, but McDreamy needed to know. "It doesn't mean you're not a good doctor." Alex says it sure is crappy. They agree that they've both made mistakes. Alex asks if, when they were together, "it" was good. Nurse Olivia says yes, it was; in fact, it was pretty great. And suddenly, as if you didn't see it coming, they're making out. Izzie's gonna be so mad!

Mere is assisting McDreamy on Running Guy's surgery. McDreamy says he thinks Running Guy's going to be fine, then jokes that he and Mere shouldn't try it out for a few weeks, though. Mere: "Funny. You're a funny man." McDreamy says he just didn't know she was dating. Mere says he had to know it would happen eventually. McDreamy says "eventually" feels a lot different than "actually." Mere agrees that it does. McDreamy: "It's surprisingly painful." Mere says it gets better; well, she doesn't really know that, but she's determined to be optimistic. Aw, you two! Just kiss and make up already.

Not so fast. McDreamy finds Addison at the surgery board, and congratulates her on officially signing her contract. Addison chirps that it's time to move forward, then asks him, "We're okay, right?" Lord, if you keep asking him, he's going to remember that he doesn't actually want to be with you, sister, so how about zipping it? McDreamy says they are. Addison's pager goes off; it's Dory. Izzie tells her there's fetal distress. Dory screams that her contractions are really hurting. I'd imagine so. Addison lifts up Dory's drape, and the sheet is covered with blood. Shit. Izzie explains that the placenta's tearing, and Addison says the babies have to come out now. Dory starts to cry, and Izzie consoles her perfectly: "It's okay. We're going to take really good care of you. Just keep breathing." Go, Izzie!

Addison tells Dory that the OR's prepped and ready, and asks where her husband is. He's home with their other three children, obviously. Izzie says they'll call him. Addison tells her to go page everyone on Dory's team, but as she starts to go, Dory grabs Izzie's arm. "No! No!" Addison tells Dory everything will be fine. "Nothing about this is fine! They're too hurt!" cries Dory. Izzie totally takes over with the awesome bedside manner. She tells Dory that she's carried her girls this far, and now it's their turn. "You have to trust us to bring them into the world. Tom's on his way." Addison looks at Izzie with pride and wonder, as she should.

Mere checks on Running Guy. She tells him that McDreamy removed his tumor without any complications. Running Guy thanks Mere for sticking with him, then adds, "Maybe when I get out of here, we could..." Mere, having learned her lesson, is all, "I don't think so. You know, when I saw you at Joe's, I was just looking for a replacement. Looking for something to make me feel better. You deserve better than that." Her pager goes off, as does George's, and we hear over the intercom, "Dr. Bailey, Dr. Burke to OR 1." Mere tells Running Guy she has to go.

Cut to Cristina and Burke, adorably asleep on the floor of her apartment. Aw, he accepted her squalid ways! Their pagers go off, and they both bolt upright. "The quints."

Addison is wheeling Dory into surgery. Izzie runs up and tells her that everyone answered their page except Dr. Karev. Addison's like, "Well, go find him, fool!" And fool she is, because guess where she finds him? That's right, doing the nasty with Nurse Olivia. Izzie just gives him a disgusted look, and says, "It's time for the quints. We need you."

Surgery. A team of about ten thousand doctors dress out and scrub in. Five incubators are prepared for the babies. A sweet song starts playing as Addison gets to work. When the first baby is delivered and handed off to Burke, Mere voice-overs, "How do you know how much is too much? Too much too soon?" Izzie stands ready for the next baby, while Dory's husband kneels at her side and comforts her. Tears! The next baby is delivered to Bailey; Mere: "Too much information?" Bailey works on putting the tiny little organs back inside the tiny little body. Babies three and four come. MereVO: "Too much fun? Too much love? Too much to ask?" McDreamy gets his baby, the fifth, and we pull back to an overhead shot of the bustling room, then to a close-up shot of Dory. Mere finishes up, "And when is it all just too much to bear?" The babies are all wheeled away in their incubators, and Dory gets a quick glimpse of them as they go. Tears fill her eyes, and we hear the sound of a baby crying over the credits. Good work, you guys!

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