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My Favorite Mistake

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My Favorite Mistake
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Previously, Meredith nearly died, Crush, well, had her face crushed, Cristina's old lover/professor showed up as candidate #6034 for Chief, Callie and George fought, and George and Izzie got drunk and she gave George a Look for which there has been no possible basis established thus far. Also previously, the lowest grade I ever gave an episode was a B, but this week my disappointment has no bounds.

George is naked in bed asleep, and then we see Izzie, awake, naked, and panicked in the same bed. She very slowly gets out, trying not to wake Seattle Grace's newest manwhore. Meredith voices-over, "Surgeons always have a plan. Where to cut, where to clamp, where to stitch." George jumps, but doesn't wake. "But, even with the best plans, complications can arise. Things can go wrong. And suddenly, you're caught with your pants down." As her pants aren't just down but gone, Izzie grabs a robe and then gapes at George and what they've just done with her hand over her mouth.

Izzie apparently makes it to the kitchen where Mere and Cristina walk in, find her guzzling water, and remark that she and George were really "going at it." Izzie chokes, but as this is TV, of course they don't mean It-it, and clarify that they mean the drinking and the laughing. Apparently it also included George singing "SexyBack" at 3 AM, which Cristina didn't want to hear but of this entire sordid situation it's the one thing I personally would have liked to have seen. When Izzie quietly says they should have banged on the wall, Cristina remarks to Mere, "It's like living in a youth hostel," and she's not wrong. I hope her overnight bag is padlocked to the bed frame. Mere is just glad they made up, and then thinks to make sure that they did make up. Before they can answer, Alex walks in wearing pajama pants and his ubiquitous black tank top looking ten kinds of yummy, remarking that George is puking in his bathroom. Izzie badly covers that he needed to stay over because he was too drunk to drive. "Like, heavy machinery drunk." Ah, so like the time a roommate and fellow recapper whose name might start with H and end with N called another fellow recapper after a party to tell her voicemail that she should not be allowed to operate heavy machinery. Why do we do that? It's on pill bottles, not on liquor bottles, but it's the go-to. Of course, I'm just following this train of thought to avoid thinking about what really happened between George and Izzie, but I'm going to have to face it soon enough, so back to the episode at hand.

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