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My Favorite Mistake

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My Favorite Mistake

Alex wants to know why Cristina is there at the Home for Wayward Interns, and Meredith announces that she's hiding from Burke. But Cristina announces that she's got a new plan. It's the ostrich equivalent of a plan -- since Burke doesn't want her to get married to appease him, they just won't get married, and they'll go back to the way things were before. In life, this always works out really well. She even has a catchy name for the plan: "Be kind, rewind." Izzie decides to bolt for work but runs into George in the hallway, who looks very convincingly and realistically hung over. He asks her what happened and if he called Callie before he passed out, and she stares at him incredulously and only answers the second question with a no. All he remembers is the drinking, and then he thinks to ask Izzie where she slept that night. Ignorance is bliss.

Richard and Colin walk in to the hospital together, making chitchat. Colin's interview is that afternoon, and it turns out the binder under his arm holds a 10-year-plan that he whipped up for the hospital. Richard's face drops at the idea of him suggesting some "tweaks" in how things work.

George is still rocking the dark, sunken eyes of a hangover and is leaning over the sink when Callie walks in dressed like a perfect lady in a dress and pearls. He starts to talk, but she cuts him off to inform him that today they are the very picture of a perfect married couple since her dad is in town to meet her husband. Izzie happens to walk in right then and awkwards about before leaving them to their "married stuff." For having consumed half of that bottle of liquor, her hair looks perfect, straight, shiny, and awesome in a smooth ponytail, and overall she looks about a billion times better than George. If I were ever to go to work after a night out like that (which I have never, ever done, Mom, and I don't even know what alcohol or boys taste like) I couldn't pull it together like that and would be more on the George scale of things. Once Izzie leaves, Callie has yet another reason to be mad at George, which this time is his telling his friend about their fight. There's no real time for her to dwell on that now, however, as she decides to make lunch at Joe's instead of the cafeteria, "So maybe he won't be able to tell that stink's coming from you." George tries to reassure her that parents love him but he's not terribly convincing in this state and she just orders him to the shower.

Cristina brings Burke a coffee, since that's what they do. He's not interested, though, saying it's what they used to do. He goes on with, "So unless you have something else to say to me... " which perfectly illustrates why I hate the relationship between these two. It's always a power struggle, rather than just an actual relationship where they actually talk about issues rather than goading each other. He leaves but the way I see it, now she's got a nice big coffee for herself. I think she's really the winner. She sees Colin and bolts, which he notices, but instead of running after her (this time) he wishes the attendings good luck in their interviews. He leaves, and Richard comes up and tells them that Colin's got a 10-year-plan, not sounding happy about it, and also still referring to Seattle Grace as "his" hospital. I still refuse to believe that he's actually going to end up leaving.

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