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My Favorite Mistake

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My Favorite Mistake

Outside, Izzie tries to get out of working with the newlyweds by asking to be assigned to the clinic. Of course, Cristina assumes it's because there's something even better than this once-in-a-lifetime genetic disease and wants to go as well. Bailey sends them both (kindly explaining to the viewers that there are fewer surgeries than usual that day because of the Chief interviews) and assigns Dr. George O'Malley to Dr. Callie O'Malley and Alex to help Crush. Callie, for some reason, doesn't want someone working on a patient (Mrs. Rogerson -- phew, she has a name!) when they are still literally sweating alcohol so she asks for a second intern. And isn't it just so unexpected and hilarious that Bailey calls after Izzie to help them out. She slogs back, and with the first burst of energy we've seen from him all day, George gives her a thumbs up.

The clinic seems to be functioning at full speed now, and Cristina is with a patient complaining of pain in his foot who is just asking for painkillers and a discharge. Does that ever really work for anyone? I've never seen it in real life, and never even in the magical world of television, yet people still try it out. You've got to work on your shtick, sir. I actually thought this was going to be another addicted-to-pain-meds story, but things take a different turn when Cristina tells him to remove his shoe so she can examine his foot. There's a lot of back and forth with him talking about all the work he has to do that day as well as her noting that he's got diabetes. She finally gets him to remove his shoe and sock to reveal a giant sore covering his entire heel, and she announces that he's not going to work at all today.

Alex and Meredith are both in Crush's room; she's holding printouts of her three possible faces. She's understandably frustrated, because she wants to recognize one of them, but she doesn't. She wants to make sure she picks the right one, not least of which so that if someone shows up looking for her they will recognize the person they are looking for. Alex agrees that picking the wrong one would suck but points out that the alternative of the mashed-potato look she has going on right now is not what she'd want to stick with.

Derek gazes at a studying Mere, and when she asks if he should be preparing for his interview, he argues that he is. He's preparing by smelling her (awesome-looking) hair. It's a good follicle day for all of the Seattle Grace ladies. They have some cute flirting as he tells her, "If Cristina would sleep in her own bed I wouldn't have to hover at work." The nice thing about them, though, is that he doesn't seem threatened by it, and I appreciate that he at least seems to get the relationship between the two women. After some more flirting, he asks, "How bad is it today?" and she answers that it's a seven, maybe a six. It's endearing to see that's how he's keeping an eye out on her. She happily tells him that what's going to make things better is the bone harvest she's doing. The "endearing" part of him makes a hasty exit as he gets all uppity that Sloane is going to let her do the procedure. She either doesn't see or ignores his change in tone and happily tells him, "Which makes me very cool in the eyes of my dead mother, by the way." He leaves to let her study, and she jokes around, but on his way out he looks worried.

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