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My Favorite Mistake

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My Favorite Mistake

George and Izzie are preparing Mrs. Rogerson for her CT scan, and he tells her to stay still. It's a sensitive instruction for a woman literally turning to stone. She dryly agrees, and he shamefully apologizes. I appreciate that he turns off the microphone before he begins to moan about how he's never going to touch booze again, and that the writers didn't go for the cheap and predictable, patient-hears-the-whole-thing humor. There are enough cheap clichés already present in this episode, so it's nice to see a small example of where one is left alone. Izzie sighs at his dramatics and just goes on and on, amazed that he doesn't remember the night before. George breaks into her lamenting and assures her that whatever he said or did, he's sure he didn't mean it since he was drunk. Izzie only responds to tell him, "George, I promise you, you meant it. You meant it a lot, you meant it more than once... " Ew. It's not that I have any sort of problem with sex, or one night stands, or anything like that. But this means that George has now slept with more women in the hospital than any other of them men on whom we know stats. George. George, who we love, who is finding himself and growing a spine and becoming a better surgeon, etc., etc., etc., is now so pathetic that he can't not sleep with every female he knows. It's a disservice to the character. Izzie and George are interrupted when they see her scan. To my untrained eye, it kind of looks like big blobs inside a skull. How's that for technical? Whatever it is seems to be is bad, and George says to page Callie.

Colin finds Cristina and jokes that he's planning an expansion to the hospital so she'll have more places to hide from him. She tries to deny it, but he just laughs and then needles her about the wedding and her not wanting to talk about the big day. She tells him to leave, to which he says, "If he's rushing you, you should tell him. When you marry, you want to be ready. He should understand that." She thinks and turns back. He's not wrong and at least it got the wheels turning in her head, but for all his claiming to care about her, he doesn't seem to respect her or her wishes at all.

Addison is practicing the beginning of her speech in front of the mirror, practicing at what precise moment she should pull off her sexy glasses and leave them breathless. Mark catches her and advises her not to wear them at all since she'll fiddle with them, but I think it's really because he knows the sexy will be too much and she'll win the position hands down before he can even get in the room. They banter about her weaknesses -- she has none, he has one for "evil redheads." She assures him he has more, such as being a manwhore. Although he better look out, as George is nipping at his heels for the title. He claims that he was, not is, a manwhore. Manwhore or not, she advises him to come up with a 10-year-plan since he was absent for the big reveal before, and he seems surprised to get this curveball hours before the interview.

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