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My Favorite Mistake

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My Favorite Mistake

Mrs. Rogerson is back in her room and Callie gets to deliver the happy news that she is bleeding internally, probably from all of her medication. Before she can offer any options, Nina jumps in to remind them her mother can't have surgery. Callie, though, cuts her off to explain that Burke could insert a small line and embolize her, which would still be risky, but at least it would be minimally invasive. Mrs. R asks what would happen if she refused the surgery, given that she's 41 and doesn't expect to live past 45 anyway. It's so very helpful when people can ask questions that help explain details of their conditions. Refusing isn't a great choice, as she'd die within 1 to 2 days. She seems to be possibly open to this option, but Nina won't hear of it and stoically asserts that the surgery will work.

Mark finds Derek in a conference room. I guess he thinks that the bit of bonding they did over Meredith's crisis has made them friendly, and he observes, "Burke is using PowerPoint. He's got a PowerPoint presentation for the board, which is cool if it's like, 1998. There's no swag, is there? We're not allowed to give gifts." He's both not wrong and, frankly, creative if a little bit dastardly. I think it's why I find him so hot even at his manwhore best. Derek's not going to play along, though, and demands to know why Mark asked Meredith to do the surgery. Mark tries to say it's because it's a teaching hospital and he's teaching her, but he's got a bit too much on the record about his hating both interns and teaching to be believable, and Derek calls him out on trying to impress the Chief. He maintains that Mark's setting Meredith up, "and she can't fail right now." Mark, rightly, wants Mere to decide what she can and can't do. Derek's dumbstruck by the logic and instead resorts to the time-honored fallback of threatening his former friend. "I will hurt you if this goes wrong for her."

Izzie leaves Mrs. R's room and finds Addy outside, looking through the window at the dollhouse. When she asks about it, Izzie announces. "I had sex last night. With the wrong person. But the thing is, it didn't feel wrong, at the time. It felt like something was falling into place. So what do I do?" Teaching hospital, indeed. Addy looks around to see if maybe she's on candid camera, then takes off her glasses, clears her throat, and asks, "What am I, the go-to person for adultery?" I can't quite figure out if she guessed who it was that Izzie had sex with or if she just means the sex-with-the-wrong-person in general. If it's the former, it's just another reason she's so awesome. Izzie tells her that's not it and again pleads for guidance, but the answer isn't what she wanted. "You stop. That's what you do." Izzie counters, "Are you sure? I mean, how do you know that it didn't feel so right because it's God's plan?" Addy dryly observes, "God wants you to be an adulterer." Izzie tosses back, "God got a virgin pregnant by magic; God is not playing by the rules." Be that as it may, let's take a second here. Deep breath.

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