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My Favorite Mistake

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My Favorite Mistake

On cue, Alex walks into Crush's room and asks her how she's doing. Understandably, she's freaking out since she can't decide on a face. Alex thinks for a moment, then pulls up a chair. He proceeds to make up stories for each of the three faces. Maggie married her high school sweetheart, has kids, and bakes banana cream pies. (His favorite flavor.) Elizabeth went to Northwestern and met her husband at a political rally; she's angry and fired up but means well. The third face is named Ava, and he seems to get a little hot and bothered thinking about her. And of course Ava is fun, confident, a bit neurotic, but has been through a lot and is stronger for it, blah blah blah girlpowercakes. She doesn't choose one yet, but we all know what's coming, right?

Since everyone else is at lunch, that must mean it's time for George to meet his father-in-law. They are at Joe's, and George is doing a very mangled job of trying to impress him by talking about how great Callie is. He babbles and trips over his words enough for Mr. Torres to observe, "He talks a lot." Callie tries to cheerfully defend George's verbal diarrhea as being normal, but her dad only goes on to say that she's destroyed her mother. He then asks if she is pregnant, which they both vehemently deny, and Callie pleads that George is not like the other guys she's dated. George adds, "Clean as a whistle. And a mathlete!" That, or he said, "And immaculate!" but I'm going with the former because it's awesome and made me laugh out loud when I was otherwise annoyed all hour. And also because I have a dad who would lay out his Civil War sword collection on the table before a date came to pick me up, so I know from scary protective fathers. When he mentions Callie's money, George assures him that he didn't know about that when they married, which Mr. Torres says is a good thing since then George won't mind the house, car, and other provisions being in Callie's name. He wants his daughter to be taken care of and also has a post-nup agreement with him to protect her. In the confusion of his announcement and laying out the agreement, George in a flash remembers the night before. He gets a few different flashbacks of it being hot, happy, and involving a lot of smiling and gazing from both he and Izzie. Out loud, he declares, "No!" and then clarifies that he won't let Mr. Torres pay for anything. He apologizes bolts for the door. Callie, rather than being upset, smiles to herself at his cajones. If only she knew.

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