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Baby Got Back

Dr. Yang is hard at work on a patient when Teddy comes in and asks her to talk her through the angioplasty. Yang bitchily asks if that is because she doesn't know how? Teddy is being way too nice to Cristina and simply smiles because that was supposed to be a teaching moment. Cristina talks her through the procedure, but she is always two steps ahead of her supposed teacher. Cristina remains unimpressed and unsympathetic. Also, pretty much a bitch.

Bailey corners the Chief and awkwardly tries to talk to him about the supposed affair. Unfortunately her approach is so awkward the Chief thinks she is hitting on him. Oh poor Bailey, just go home or bury yourself in a trauma surgery or something, but seriously, DON'T TALK TO ANYONE. Except maybe Cristina. Might be worth yelling at her again. That was awesome and she deserved it.

Dr. Percy has been harangued into doing the spinal tap that neither he nor the patient wanted. And I know that the patient apparently has no wife and no children, but he's got to have somebody other than an ex-student in his life. Where are his canasta partners? His Facebook friends? His colleagues? Anyone who could save this man from Izzie's good intentions? Izzie holds his hands while the lumbar puncture is happening and then Dr. Percy opens his big yap to ask her whether or not she and Alex are going to get back together. None of us can believe that he has the cojones to ask that question, but he claims it is what everyone at Seattle Grace is talking about. Izzie glares him out of the room. Dr. Singer gives fifteen-year old Izzie some advice that is highly pertinent to contemporary Izzie. He tells her not to marry him if she wants to get out of Chehalis and if this boy really loves her he will understand if she does what is best for her. Can't wait for Izzie to regurgitate that at Alex.

Meredith is secretly operating on either a corpse or on that fake body that the Chief bought at some point to train surgeons. You know, the one that talked back to George, may he rest in peace (and probably pieces.) Shepherd finds her and they cuddle and talk about her first day back. Things have changed a lot since she left on her liver leave. Now there are tons of residents competing for surgeries and she hasn't gotten back into the fight fight fight mentality. So she's operating on a plastic person (and not in that Nip/Tuck sort of way). She remarks that there was a moment a few months ago when Izzie had just come out of surgery, Hit-By-A-Bus Guy wasn't George (actually that's his American Indian name), and they had just done their Post It marriage, when everyone was happy. She is trying to get back to that point and she is pretty sure that suturing a fake large intestine is the pathway to happiness. Derek, however, has different ideas of five minutes in heaven and starts kissing her all over. Don't these people have any work boundaries? Sheesh.

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