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Party in Izzie's room! The gang is all there eating meats on skewers, and they each report that it tastes like chicken. Izzie is unhappy (surprise!) because she is trying to get them to help her set the menu, and no one will give her any good feedback. She can't eat herself since she is having surgery later, as long as the mets have shrunk -- let me tell you, as someone who has had a couple of late-day surgeries, how there is absolutely no way someone would put platters of food in their room and watch other people eating while they couldn't. I would start salivating at television commercials for Hamburger Helper, and couldn't even fathom inviting people to eat actual food in front of me. But Izzie wants to post the menu to the wedding website she's made for Derek and Mere, so there they all are with the food. Mere is aghast to learn there's a website but she's cut off from her whining by Derek coming out of the bathroom/changing room in his morning coat and ascot. His outfit looks remarkably like what my father wore at my parents' wedding, in a good way. He and his newly-cut hair look skeptical but Izzie is ecstatic at the result. Mere's voice drifts over the action: "Remember when we were little, and we would accidentally bite a kid on the playground?" Well, no. I wasn't a biter. Everyone wishes Izzie luck and leaves, but before he exits Alex helpfully declares that another skewer tastes like pork. "Our teacher would go, say you're sorry. And you would say it but you wouldn't mean it." Izzie gives Bailey a look that guilts her into trying some of the chicken herself.

"Because the stupid kid we bit totally deserves it." The analogy doesn't totally work for Cristina and Owen -- they just have to do with the overall Big Lesson about apologies. But nonetheless, this leads us to see Cristina looking at her clipboard so she accidentally runs into Owen. When she realized that it's him they have an awkward moment until he blurts out, "Take care, now," and walks away. Cristina is livid, which isn't necessarily the right time for Callie to announce she doesn't have the rent, but she does anyway. Cristina just repeats what Owen said and Arizona answers that it's more than Callie has heard from her family. Every single family member is now ignoring her, and while she knew her dad had a lot of power, she wasn't imagining this. Arizona comforts her by saying it will take time, but Cristina just matter-of-factly asks why Callie doesn't just say she broke up with her girlfriend, since it isn't her family's business anyway. Callie chews this over in her head and asks if Cristina really thinks she should do it; Cristina really thinks she should pay her rent. But she's still distracted and leaves with her own, "Take care, now!" Mere: "After the playground days are over, you can't just say it, you have to mean it."

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