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Cristina runs into the other OR with the green bag and Hunt has her pull out a bottle of something that looks like sand and hand it to George. Under Hunt's direction, George shakes it liberally onto all of the bleeders while Cristina jumps around behind the other doctors to try and get a look. Hunt explains that he uses this stuff in the field all the time, and while it's not FDA-approved it saves lives by replicating the clotting process and buying a surgeon time to fix all the wounds. George is amazed as the guy's vitals stabilize, while a frustrated Cristina tries to sound sincere as she calls, "Magical!" You know that when Cristina starts trying to sound like a good, wide-eyed student, things have gotten really, really bad.

Izzie is back in her bed and Robbie is assuring her that she is going to be fine. She's holding a tiny stuffed sheep in her hand while they talk, and Izzie is certainly calmer when Bailey comes in with the verdict. With false cheer, she tells them that the cancer is practically gone, and the psychic was right that they caught it early after all. Izzie's face stays in a smile but her eyes show that she knows what this means -- however, her mother is elated and cries and hugs them both. Izzie grabs her mom in a hug and tells her that she loves her while Bailey watches, heart breaking. Robbie finally composes herself and heads to the bathroom to clean up and then call her neighbors with the good news. Since once again, the bathroom door is made of that magical Seattle Grace Soundproofing, Bailey and Izzie can have a conversation about what actually happened -- the mets shrunk some, but there are also new ones on her small bowel. This means more surgery, but Bailey tries to convince Izzie that they will be aggressive and things will be okay, which is something Izzie seems to doubt a little bit by now.

Derek has gone to talk to Richard and tries to convince him to give Meredith some room. Richard is still totally offended and counters that he apologized, and that he's not her father but rather just a guy that fell in love with her mom. But then he goes on, and clearly he's trying to convince himself more than Derek when he explains that he was young, and plenty of people have affairs, and what Ellis did afterward is Ellis' own problem. Derek tells him that Mere is trying her best, but Richard is on a roll and yells that her best isn't good enough, and that she's only there after all the crap she pulled because of his relationship with Derek. At this point, that's completely ridiculous because it's obvious she's there because of that very affair with Ellis. Derek then decides that as long as they are talking, they can get really honest. He calls the Chief out for being totally professional with everyone but Meredith, citing his calling her into his office first to try on dresses, then to meet with her alcoholic father. He wouldn't make Derek Chief because of their relationship, he spilled the beans about the ring, he sent Meredith after Hairy Derek, etc. So while he says he's not her father, he clearly considers her family. At the last moment he tries to soften the lecture, adding, "For what it's worth." For what it's worth, I'm relieved to see Derek actually stand up for Meredith, finally.

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