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Mere, meanwhile, is watching from a distance as Hunt and George debrief Kate on the surgery. She grabs George as they walk off to get an update, and George is breathless in his adoration of Hunt's Mad Skillz. Once they leave, Meredith walks up to Kate. Richard and Derek come out and both say her name warningly, but Mere apologizes to Kate for how she spoke earlier. Richard and Derek call after her again, but Mere goes on. She tells Kate that she was out of line and knows she can't imagine what she's been through, but she does know it can't be Maddie's story that she shot her father to protect her mother and then her mother went back to him. She has to change things to give both of them a chance. Kate has been glaring at the ground, but redirects her glare to Meredith once she's done. Mere simply turns and walks away, telling the Chief that she'll pack her bags.

Callie comes upon Julie watching her sister sleep, worryingly touching her necklace and fretting. Callie updates that Willow lost a lot of blood but is stable, but Julie responds that the corporation weighed the cost. Callie is confused, so she explains that they weighed the cost of killing her versus letting her stay in the tree, then got a bulldozer and knocked her out, her baby sister. It seems to be the kick in the butt she needed to stop yelling, and when Willow wakes up Julie runs in to her. She tells her happily that she filed a 10 million dollar lawsuit, which makes Willow start to dream about how many trees that will plant. Julie gets in the last word, however, that the check will be made out to Karen. Callie watches the fond bickering wistfully and when Mark joins her, Callie tells him that she can't lie to her family. They are supposed to love and support her no matter what and she can't lie. She leaves, but this clearly got to Mark, who heaves a deep breath as he watches Lexie working down the hall.

Mere is packing her things in the locker room, which is super dark, I guess to make things more moody and dramatic. Richard comes in and clears his throat, causing Mere to groan at the idea of another heart-to-heart. But Richard finally learned something today, and he sits down on the bench, next to her but facing the opposite way. He admits that he saw what Ellis was doing, neglecting Mere and driving Thatcher off but that he did nothing for Meredith. Instead of being her advocate, he let himself off the hook. Meredith closes her eyes as this all comes out and as tears form a weight seems to somehow both settle on her and yet lift at the same time -- she's finally hearing what she needed to from an adult in her life. He continues that he told himself he was young and didn't know better, but he did know better, and he should have stood up for her like she stood up for Maddie today. As her tears begin to spill over, he reiterates everything and finally tells her quietly, "I'm so sorry." He repeats his words, but unlike Izzie repeating her plea earlier, his has the weight of years' worth of apologies that are due. A tear falls from Mere's cheek and she leans over and rests her head on his shoulder, while he rubs her back and continues to apologize.

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