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Mere is working on GSW guy's chart when Kate and Maddie walk in the room. As she watches, her disembodied voice asks, "But when we are really sorry, when we use it right, when we mean it?" GSW guy is intubated and can't talk, which gives Kate the strength to tell him that they are leaving for good, and he'll be too weak to follow them for a while which she hopes means he also won't follow them later. She then tells Maddie to say bye, and in that strange disembodied way of hers, she calls, "Bye Daddy, feel better!" GSW guy is crushed but can't do anything about it and they walk away, Maddie calling goodbye to Mere as they go. Mere smiles at her and says it back, but Kate just looks straight ahead and pulls Maddie away.

Mere: "When our actions say what words never can." Mark, in a sport coat, walks into a restaurant and takes a deep breath as if it will give him courage, then walks up to Lexie and Thatcher and apologizes for being late. Lexie's face could light the entire patio, and she happily introduces him to her dad. Thatcher assumes Mark is her teacher and she stumbles over her words until she settles on explaining, "He's... Mark." I think her joy has worn off, and Mark grins and tells Thatcher very genuinely that it's nice to meet him too. He then sits and takes Lexie's hand, and she grins back -- seriously, it's a regular toothpaste commercial up in here now.

Alex is at least taking his duty to eat very seriously, though now he's moved on to shrimp, which isn't on a skewer. Izzie is fed up when he tells her it tastes like shrimp, so he explains that it's sweet and spicy, like their first date, or at least the good part before he didn't kiss her. Man, with Mark and Alex both realizing their inner awesome, I think it's going to be left entirely to Derek to be the man-child of this hospital from here on out. He then describes the chicken as being like a drive to the beach with the window down and a dog's face sticking out in the wind, which is good, but he votes for the shrimp. Izzie then has him try one more unidentifiable thing that looks vaguely like a pickle, which Alex chews and then spits out, saying it tastes like crap. Bailey then comes in to gather Izzie for surgery, and so Alex gently puts a cap on over her hair and kisses her with his crap-tasting mouth. Aw damn, Izzie points out that now she tastes like crap, stealing my joke. They wheel her out, and we can see she's clutching onto the little sheep her mom had earlier. Mere concludes, "When we get it right, 'I'm sorry' is perfect."

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