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Father Figure

Mere is at home, flipping through one of her mother's journals, when Derek walks in. She tells him they have to move up the wedding to the 100th episode -- er, because Izzie isn't doing well, and Derek agrees. He then notes that she's packing up the journals, and she admits that there's nothing in them for her. She didn't want to throw them away, so she's giving them to Richard. With a look at Derek she admits that Richard can also come to the wedding after all. As Derek helps her tape up the box, She adds, "When we get it right, 'I'm sorry' is redemption." And if it is, hopefully that means we won't have to recycle this storyline sometime soon when they are running short on conflict and need to replay this argument again.

See you next week, when pigs might fly and Meredith and Derek might get married!

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