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After her emotional meeting, Lexie goes to find Mark who notices immediately that she's upset and asks her sweetly if she's okay. I love this Mark! Lexie admits that her dad is there and sober, and tells Mark she'd like them to meet, which causes a whole lot of very hesitant, "Oh" and "Ah"-ing from him. His experience with fathers isn't great -- at least, it wasn't when he was a teenager and he's never tried since. Lexie points out that she's crazy about him and thinks Thatcher will be too -- that's up for discussion, but then again Thatcher doesn't have a whole of room to disagree right now. Mark, though, is still gun-shy about the whole experience with telling Derek about them, and insists that things are so great that he wants to keep it just for them. That is what's known as the "yellow-bellied coward's excuse," boys and girls. He's saved by Kellie Martin walking up and looking for her sister Karen, who turns out to be Willow. Julie (Kellie) is exasperated and before she can say hi she and her sister have yelled at each other about her real name. Mark follows her into the room and looks back at a sad Lexie beseechingly as he goes.

Mere walks into the room where Maddie is being treated and shoots down the Chief as he tries to ask how it goes. Arizona asks her if she can take over cleaning and stitching up Maddie's wounds and she agrees, refusing to engage Richard in a conversation about what happened earlier. As Mere looks at Maddie's cut, Kate again promises them that Maddie is sorry, though she still doesn't it one bit. Maddie then speaks, asking if her daddy is going to die. Mere doesn't know, but she hopes not. Well, at least she hopes that for the next few seconds.

Derek has joined Hunt and George to look at the x-rays, and when George announces that there were 17 gunshots Derek is stunned, as he was told it was an accidental shooting. Seventeen gunshots tend to speak for themselves, and what they usually say is, "Die, fucker, DIE!"

And six-year-old Maddie just might have been thinking that after all -- she asks Mere why her dad won't die, as, "I shot him lots of times." Kate furrows her brow and Richard and Mere look appropriately serious as Maddie asks, "How come he don't die?" May she one day learn grammar as well as she has learned to shoot.

Kate's now repeating her story for the police and social services -- Maddie's just a baby, she wasn't trying to kill her dad, etc. Clearly, something is not right with this situation, and she finally slips and says that Maddie was just trying to stop him. Richard guesses correctly that the cut on her cheek is from her father hitting her, and Kate insists that he loves them but just loses his temper. Meredith is extremely skeptical by now as Kate repeats all of her pleas, begging them all to understand -- she has the same look on her face as when her dad was attempting to apologize earlier.

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