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Richard has pulled Meredith aside for the lecture she just earned. However, he goes about it all the wrong way, telling her he knows he's angry with him and her mother. It's fairly appalling, even for me who thinks Meredith can be too harsh with him sometimes. (Well, and also they've been a little bit inconsistent about the relationship between these two, but I'm trying to just let that go like a good TV viewer and go with the latest, "Meredith hates him" attitude.) She yells at him that he doesn't get to act like he's a friend or family member, calling her into his office on personal business or treating her with kid gloves now. She is a resident who wants to be spoken to like any other resident -- and this seems to push Richard's buttons even more than her earlier unprofessional display. He agrees, and then reminds her that Kate is a victim and the hospital is supposed to be a safe haven, but Mere just further battered her. Mere tries to step in and talk about the girl but Richard cuts her off and orders her to stay 100 feet away from the entire family or else be suspended pending investigation of her emotional and mental fitness. He then pulls the curtain aside to reveal the ten or so people who heard what happened, including Derek.

It's a bad day all around for the best friends, as Cristina suffers through surgery with Owen and George. Hunt is doing a great job teaching his protégé but Cristina is just told not to move while he works. Clearly, someone is going to snap soon, and that someone has a last name that appropriately rhymes with "Fang" given the beat-down that feels imminent.

Outside, Derek is listening to Meredith rant with his usual uptight air. Mere yells that she knows Richard is Derek's friend, but Derek haughtily interrupts and counters that it's not about Richard. She says that it is and that she's tried to draw a line to deal with him professionally but Richard won't respect it and tries to use his relationship with Derek to get around it. Derek denies this too, so Meredith orders him to stop defending Richard; she needs Derek to be on her side. I don't think I will ever get used to Meredith arguing with Derek like an adult, saying what she means. Don't get me wrong, it's great, but it's still just so... mature! Mere calmly tells him that since Richard is not his best friend, his Cristina, it's okay for her to say he's not invited to the wedding -- adding the ultimatum that if he comes, she won't. Derek agrees, but he looks conflicted about it.

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