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Lord in heaven, my ears -- Julie is still yelling at Willow as she tries to get her to take the offer and Willow stands up for the trees. Callie watches them with a sideways glance but after Julie harps on how stupid and irresponsible Willow was, she speaks up and adds that it was also unbelievably brave. She shocks them both into silence as she adds that while trees might not be her thing, it was brave to watch as a bulldozer knocked her off. Too bad principles don't protect one's bones from snapping. Willow drives me up a tree (no pun intended) when she replies by asking how trees could not be Callie's thing. I get it, you love the trees -- learn to say thanks! Sheesh. There's silence while Julie ponders this so Willow takes the opportunity to start bleeding out through her femur. Callie springs into action and shuffles Julie out of the room where she can only watch, worried, through the window.

Hunt, etc. are working on GSW guy when a giant, hose-sized splash of blood fakely spurts out all over the place. (Hmm, Microsoft Word seems to think I've made up the word "fakely." Clearly they didn't see this scene.) Hunt's really worried and Cristina finally calls out that she can help; when he says that she is, she points out that he has more bleeders than hands. She then apologizes after he shoots her a Look, but he then thinks and has someone take over. She's excited for one second until he sends her out to his truck to get a green bag out of the glove box. She's ready to fight but he yells at her to run, so she takes off.

Robbie is now reading tarot cards on Izzie's bed, while Alex eats some more meat on skewers and kills Izzie with his inability to describe anything. Robbie gleefully starts to ask about their sex life so Izzie begs Alex for her scan, and he trots off to see what he can do. Robbie looks terribly pleased and wants to get more details on the couple, but Izzie tries to finally talk about her cancer realistically. However, when she tells her mom that it's not just a mole, it's stage four melanoma that has spread to her organs, Robbie gets confused as she doesn't have skin on her organs. Izzie sighs, but Robbie is making a real effort and tells her seriously to just explain it. Izzie tries a new tack and reminds her about when "Grammy" had a tumor on her thyroid. Unfortunately, the mention of that sets Ronnie off. With panic mounting, she says that Grammy died soon after, and repeats that it's just a mole. Izzie gauges the situation and apologizes for the bad comparison, assuring her mother that her cancer is nothing like Grammy's. Like little Maddie, she takes on the role of protector and holds her sobbing mother, assuring her that it's going to be okay.

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