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Cristina runs across the Great Walkway with a bag under her arm.

Meanwhile, it really is time for Izzie's scan and Bailey helps her get in, chattering away that she has a good feeling that the mets will have shrunk so that she can go in and take the rest of them out. Izzie wryly asks if the psychic told her so, and then adds that the scan has to be good. Bailey keeps up the cheer, assuring her that if it's not, there are more things they can do. But Izzie isn't worried about the cancer, per se -- she knows that if it's bad her mother will never leave. She actually recognizes that this sounds ungrateful, which is a level of self-awareness I thought far beyond her ability, but says that she doesn't mean it to be. Bailey fesses up immediately to being the one who called her, which gets a laugh out of Izzie who figured it was Alex or George. Bailey knew that she'd want to know if her child was sick, or if she were sick she'd want her mom. But she realizes now that Izzie wasn't being proud or protecting her mother, she was protecting herself. Izzie says her mother isn't a bad person, but she's just limited -- it's a spot-on description and exactly the word I was trying to find but couldn't. She then keeps chanting to herself that the scan has to be good, which takes away a little from the scene because by now, We Get It. Oh well.

Callie is operating on Willow, begging her to fight and pointing out she crapped in a bucket and she can do this. Arizona walks in at just that moment, with the excuse that she's never seen this surgery before, and Callie explains that Willow would crap in a bucket, lower it on a pulley to a waiting friend, and that friend would clean it out, put some food in, and send it back up. Arizona's disgusted face mirrors my own, but everyone agrees that's true friendship. Arizona then tells Callie that med school teaches you all sorts of ways to care less about your patients personally, but Callie cares and she loves that. "And I'll keep loving that even if you decide to lie to your family." Callie thinks about this, while I ponder how much I am really liking this relationship and how I'd like to see a little bit more about how it has developed. Because these two seem pretty serious and we never saw it -- it's like, with ALL of the Callie/Erica shoved down our throats they've done the opposite here, and they need to find a happy medium. I will say that the chemistry and the story of these two has me believing this couple more than I ever could Callie and Erica.

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