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As we open, Meredith is apparently acting as the spellmaster for the spelling bee; her voiceover tells us, "'Intimacy' is a four-syllable word for, 'Here are my heart and soul. Please grind them into hamburger.'" Oh, I was mistaken -- she's at home writing the monthly check to the nursing home where her mother is staying.

As the VO continues, Izzie walks into the bathroom where George is taking a shower. We get just a hint of pasty ass through the frosted glass of the shower door. George sees Izzie and freaks out. She grabs a toothbrush, starts to brush her teeth, and walks away. As she leaves, George sticks his head out of the shower and yells, "Is that my toothbrush?" I'm all for roommates walking around in their skivvies, but the fact that the first thought in George's head is that Izzie might be using his toothbrush tells me that Izzie has got some serious boundary issues.

Meredith has finished writing the check and preparing it for mailing. Still sitting at her desk, she picks up a picture album and flips through to a photo of her parents with Mere as a toddler. The VO tells us that intimacy comes attached to the three Rs: relatives, romance, and roommates. Izzie walks up behind Mere, still brushing her teeth. Mere looks at her, and we see that Izzie is wearing Japanese cartoon underpants. Mere: "Hello, kitty."

It's 4:30 a.m., and the roommates are in the parking lot of the hospital. George tells Izzie, "You don't understand. Me gonads, you ovaries." Someone send him back to medical school -- ovaries are gonads. Although maybe George is some kind of intersex person and he's not exactly sure what kind of gonads he has. George's gonad talk reminds Izzie that they are out of tampons; she asks George to pick some up when he does the shopping. (It is apparently his turn to do the shopping for the household). George forcefully tells them, "I am a man! I don't buy girl products!" And he doesn't want them walking into the bathroom in their undies while he's naked. Izzie tells him she doesn't care if he sees her in her underwear. I don't think it's Izzie's modesty that George is trying to protect.

In the locker room, Bailey tells the interns that when they examine the patients in the wee hours of the morning, they need to be polite and gentle when they wake them up and try to get them to share information on their condition, which will have the effect of preventing the interns from making Bailey look bad in front of the attendings. Bailey leaves, and Izzie approaches her locker (which is near Alex's). He calls her "Doctor Model," and she calls him "Doctor Spawn." He notices a little tattoo peaking out from the top of her pants and shines his tiny, inadequate little flashlight at it. He asks her if they airbrush the tattoo out for "the catalogues," and she asks him what they do for the "666 on [his] skull." So far the teasing is relatively playful, but Alex is still a pig.

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