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Cristina is lounging around on some kind of metal wicker bench. Izzie is nearby, defending the decision to let Nurse Fallon die in the hospital to which she devoted so much of her life. Cristina just thinks it's a waste of a bed and her own time. Mere approaches and asks them what they're talking about. Cristina explains that Nurse Fallon was brought to the hospital so she could die. Izzie thinks it's what Cristina would want if she were in Nurse Fallon's shoes, but Cristina disagrees -- she'd want every possible step taken to keep her alive. And then Cristina uses her feet to pick up a copy of the magazine with Izzie's pix that is sitting on a nearby table. Dexterous. Burke, you are (or will soon be) one lucky fellow. She flips through the magazine until she comes to Izzie's ad. Cristina: "You are eight feet tall. Your boobs are perfect. Your hair is down to there. If I were you, I would walk around naked all the time. I wouldn't have a job, I wouldn't have skills. I wouldn't even know how to read. I just would be... naked." She passes the magazine to Mere, who seems to be seeing it for the first time. Mere starts laughing. Izzie blames her blinding beauty on makeup and retouching. Cristina: "You get that we hate you, right?" But Izzie clearly doesn't get that, because she's smiling for the first time that day. Izzie's pager goes off. It's Bailey, "again." Cristina points out that "any patient who spanks to his doctor's pictures forfeits his rights." She thinks Izzie shouldn't give up participating in Creepy Masturbator's surgery. Izzie doesn't answer, and Cristina, frustrated, shouts out, "You know, sometimes it's actually, you know, painful to be around you." This makes Izzie smile again as she walks away.

CM is being transferred to a gurney in his room. George is helping Bailey and some nurses. Izzie enters, and Bailey yells at her for not responding to her page, noting that she's assigned Izzie's prep work to George. Izzie makes an apologetic face to George as he wheels CM out of the room. Bailey tells Izzie, "If I hear the words 'Bethany Whisper' one more time..." Izzie tells Bailey that CM doesn't want her in the room, but Bailey tells her that what he really wants is not to have cancer. She says that it's Izzie's choice if she wants to stay in the scrub room.

Through a glass wall, we see McDreamy speak with Jorge and his wife. He leaves the room and tells Mere that they've decided to go ahead with the surgery. Mere seems unhappy with that decision.

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