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Izzie enters the scrub room where George is watching Creepy Masturbator's surgery. She asks for an update on where they are in the surgery, and then asks him if he feels like she's been emasculating him. George puffs out his chest and responds, "No. I'm too masculine to be emasculated." But he clearly knows that's not true. She laughs, and apologizes. He congratulates her on putting the "Doctor Model" nickname to rest. They bump shoulders. It's very sweet.

In the O.R., Bailey is telling Limp Harry that the nerves he's planning on cutting out are perfectly viable and should be saved. Limp Harry thinks it would take an extra hour, and some of the cancer might be left behind. Bailey thinks CM's prognosis would be just as good if he had chemo following the surgery, and she offers to finish up if Limp Harry is concerned about missing his tee-time. Izzie pulls on a mask and enters the O.R. Bailey and Limp Harry ask her what she's doing. She tells them that they've go to save the nerves: "You told me the most important thing is giving the patient what they want. What [CM] wants is his erection." Limp Harry tells Bailey to get Izzie out of the room, but Bailey tells her that Izzie is a young puppy who is too ornery for her to control. Limp Harry promises to report both of them to the Chief. Bailey tells him that he should do that, but in the meantime she would like him to pretend that his prostate is on the table and do his best to save the nerves.

It's another semi-montage. In Nurse Fallon's room, a huge crowd of nurses and doctors has gathered to witness her passing. The monitor flatlines, and Burke listens for a heartbeat. Cristina still looks abashed, and Burke asks her if she's ever called a time of death. She hasn't. The Chief tells her to call it. Cristina announces the time of death as 11:43 and walks out of the room.

We see McDreamy speaking to Mrs. Jorge while Mere watches. Mrs. Jorge walks away from McDreamy and gives Mere an inscrutable look as she passes on the way back to Jorge's room. Mere's voiceover tells us, "I wish there were a rulebook for intimacy. Some kind of a guide that could tell you when you've crossed the line." McDreamy walks over to Mere, but she just walks away.

Mere's VO continues: "It would be nice if you could see it coming. But I don't know how you'd fit it on a map." Burke walks into the stairwell and finds Cristina. He says something indeterminate, and she responds with an angry gesture. She starts to walk away (I think to do something in Nurse Fallon's room), and he grabs her and whispers, "Let her go. We have to let her go." Cristina looks to be on the verge of tears, and these two look to be on the verge of making out. "Crossing the line," indeed.

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