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We come back in media trauma. McDreamy yells out orders while everyone else scurries around. Hammerhead is apparently awake, because he starts shouting out that he can't see. In all of the conversation, we learn that Hammerhead is actually named Jorge Cruz, and that he claims to have fallen down a flight of stairs holding a nail gun. That only makes sense to me if he was holding the nail gun to his own head. McDreamy notes that Mr. Cruz didn't hit any major blood vessels but does seem to have messed up his optic nerve. McDreamy orders a CT and is not happy when he learns that the CT is down. George suggests an MRI, but Alex reminds him (and at least some of us) that the "M" in "MRI" stands for "magnetic" -- probably not the best place for a man with a head full of metal. Alex notes that the real alternative is a set of x-rays from three vantage points. McDreamy orders that up and also tells the interns to do some research to find out whether this has ever happened before.

In Nurse Fallon's room, Cristina is giving Burke the (very detailed) bullet on the patient while the patient looks on with scorn. The Chief enters during the recitation of medical mumbo-jumbo and places his hand on Nurse Fallon's shoulder. Burke cuts Cristina off, and Nurse Fallon calls her "an aggressive little witch." And then Nurse Fallon busts Cristina on having stolen her chart so she could hog the case for herself. The Chief tells her that he had been planning on giving Nurse Fallon to Mere. Nurse Fallon calls her "Ellis's daughter," and we learn that Nurse Fallon was Ellis Grey's scrub nurse for 18 years but never met Meredith during that entire time. Burke tells the Chief that Mere is working on the guy with the nails in his head, and Cristina is suddenly very jealous to hear that there is such a guy and that there might be a super-cool surgical procedure involved in removing the nails. The Chief calms her down by noting that she'll be assigned to Nurse Fallon's case and will get the Whipple. Burke gives Cristina a full set of orders on how to take care of Nurse Fallon (which includes an enema), and then he and the Chief leave the aggressive little witch with the aggressive big witch (whom the Chief calls "an institution"). Nurse Fallon: "Good call, doctor. Grey's got the human two-by-four, and you have the institution in need of an enema."

Mere takes a history from Mr. Cruz. He tells her that he's had some headaches lately, but "nothing compared to now." The guy is pretty calm and smiley, all things considered. McDreamy shows his wife in, and he and Mere give the two of them some privacy. His wife's name, by the way, is something like "Sonna" or "Shoshana" or "Sussudio." I can't make it out, so Jorge's wife she will remain.

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