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Mere tells McDreamy about Jorge's dizziness. He thinks it's nothing; she's concerned it could be a sign of some larger problem (such as a tumor). While they're talking, he's scrubbing in. They move into the O.R., and McDreamy acknowledges that there might be something else, but he wants to get the nails out of Jorge's head before looking for any other problems. Then McDreamy gets on the phone -- it's Alex and George calling with the results of their research. McDreamy also states that the attempted suicide doesn't "count" as a case of nail-in-the-head. Again, I'm mystified. Alex and George summarize their research, which basically just told them that the biggest issue in removing the nails is to watch for bleeding. McDreamy hangs up, and George leaves the research room. He asks if Alex is coming, but Alex seems to have become distracted by something. After George leaves the room, we see that Alex found a magazine with Izzie's lingerie photo in it. Commercials.

When we return, we see that Alex is making a lot of photocopies. He has a smile on his face. It's an evil smile.

In the O.R., Jorge is telling Mere all about how much he loves his wife. He tells a story about how when he met his wife, she was obsessed with the color red. He didn't really like it that much, but a couple of years ago he took her "up to the mountains." She was wearing a red dress, and they came upon a field of red poppies, and she ran into the field and started laughing. Yeah, I don't get the point of that either.

Bailey walks out of Creepy Masturbator's room and tells Izzie and an attending that the cancer has not spread from CM's prostate to his lymph nodes, which makes it relatively easy to treat. Bailey suggests trying to spare some nerves so CM can have a normal sex life, but the attending thinks it's safer to just cut everything out so as to be sure to get all of the cancer. He asks about the schedule, and is pleased when he learns they are set for 10:00 AM, because this may give him time to "squeeze in a round." He leaves, and Bailey tells Izzie that everyone calls that attending "Limp Harry" because "he never spares the nerves." Izzie looks concerned, and looks over at Creepy Masturbator. He's got the remote control for the television in his hand. I don't want to know what he's watching.

In McDreamy's O.R. there is an enormous crowd gathered to watch the nail removal. The Chief is giving everyone a lecture about what they are going to do, which is basically to take the nails out. In the gallery, Cristina enters and asks George what's going on. He tells her what we already know (which is that they are just about to start), and congratulates her on the Whipple. Cristina calls it a "maybe Whipple," and complains about how hard Burke is making her work for it. She notices something in the O.R. and fumes with jealousy. Alex is there, and he makes an ass of himself. We get a truly disgusting shot of a bloody and brain-covered nail being removed from Jorge's head. In the gallery, Cristina makes a joke about Jorge having just forgotten the entire third grade. Suddenly, we hear Burke's voice. He asks Cristina if she's done everything he asked her to do for Nurse Fallon, and then tells her to take Nurse Fallon to Radiology for her MRI. She looks distraught over having to leave the ultra-cool nail-pulling surgery, and Burke asks her if she really wants the Whipple. Resignedly, she leaves. As Cristina walks out, Izzie walks in. She hands George some money for groceries, and starts to remind him about the tampons, but he shuts her down before she emasculates him in front of all the other doctors. But the dreaded "T" word comes out anyway, causing some smirks from other doctors. George asks her if she hasn't heard a single word he's said, and she tells him that she's perfectly aware that he's a man. Alex, sitting behind George, leans in to taunt him about having his "salamander" shrunk. George slowly stands up and leaves the room.

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