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In the elevator on the way to Radiology, Cristina is getting a lecture from Nurse Fallon. She tells Cristina that she's always divided surgeons into two categories: those who remembered their patients' names and those who didn't. Cristina assumes the first category were the better surgeons, but Nurse Fallon tells her that some of the best surgeons distanced themselves from their patients so as not to allow emotion to cloud their judgment. Cristina keeps waiting for the "but," but it doesn't come. Instead, as they arrive at Radiology, Nurse Fallon is swamped with former colleagues who want to give her their best and catch up with her.

Back in the O.R., McDreamy removes the last nail. There's no sign of bleeding, and he's confident they didn't make anything worse. They won't find out if his optic nerve is working again until the next day. Mere asks if she should order the MRI, and he tells her it needs to wait until Jorge has recuperated.

Cristina runs back towards the O.R., but the tide of doctors coming in the other direction tell her that the surgery is finished. Her peregrinations have brought her to the O.R. schedule board, and she quickly sees that there is no Whipple scheduled. She runs off to find out what's up.

In the lobby, Cristina catches up with Burke and asks him if he's seen Nurse Fallon's labs. Apparently, things are getting worse and whatever they've been doing is not helping. Cristina asks if she should schedule the Whipple, but Burke tells her he'd rather wait for the results of her biopsy and her overnight labs. Cristina is surprised to hear that there will be overnight labs. Burke points out that since Cristina is on-call that night, she should be able to take care of getting those done. She asks him if he's planning on doing the Whipple, and he responds, "The woman has pancreatic cancer, Dr. Yang. We're gonna do something." And by "something," he means "give her one last day of pleasure by allowing her to terrorize a young intern."

Back in her room, Nurse Fallon says goodnight to a herd of well-wishers. Meredith enters against flow of the crowd. When Nurse Fallon sees her, she notes that Meredith is smaller than Ellis. Mere knows that Nurse Fallon was Ellis's scrub nurse, and they introduce themselves to each other. Meredith tells Nurse Fallon that Ellis wanted Mere to "send her regards." Nurse Fallon knows that's a lie, because "the Ellis Grey [she] knew didn't have regards for anyone except Ellis Grey." Nurse Fallon asks after Ellis's whereabouts, and Mere takes a very long time before lying and saying that Ellis is "traveling." Again, Nurse Fallon thinks that seems out of character. She probes further and asks Mere if Ellis is practicing medicine. Mere tells her, "Not so much." Again, Nurse Fallon thinks this sound unlike the Ellis that she knew, who never left the hospital and never stopped working. She asks Mere is Ellis is well, and Mere lies again and says that she's doing great. Mere beats a hasty retreat.

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