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Nursing home (or whatever it's called). Mere is showing Ellis some of the pictures she found. When they get to the picture of the three Greys, Ellis asks who the man is. Mere tells her that it's her husband, Thatcher Grey, whom Ellis called "Thatch." Ellis doesn't seem to get it, and is also confused by Mere's explanation that one of the photos is of Mere when she was four. Meredith gives up and puts the photo album away, and then tells Ellis that she saw Nurse Fallon at the hospital. Suddenly, Ellis comes to life; she laughs, and asks how Nurse Fallon is doing. Ellis: "Is she still a scrub nurse? She was excellent." Commercials.

In the Bathroom of George's Shame, Izzie (in tank top and panties) yells at George (naked, in the shower) about not getting the tampons when he went shopping. He claims to have forgotten them, but she sticks her head into the shower to accuse him of being passive-aggressive. He starts yelling at her, pointing out that he's naked. She closes the shower door and tells him that she's upset because she really needs the tampons. Mere walks in, and Izzie says that she doesn't want to ride in the same car as George. Mere tells her that she won't be riding with Mere unless she gets dressed. And then Mere asks where the tampons are. Izzie tells her that George didn't buy them, and Mere yells at him. George yells you, "Men don't buy tampons!" Mere storms off, and Izzie opens the shower door and tells George that he's going to have to get used to living with women. George tries to cover his nekkidness and falls down in the shower. He picks himself up and yells after the two of them, "I am not your sister!"

McDreamy finds Meredith looking over a chart. He asks her if she had grilled cheese for breakfast, and she tells him it was cold pizza that morning. This episode is brought to you by the cheese lobby. He asks if Jorge is awake, and Mere tells him he's even better than that. The walk into Jorge's room, where we learn that he is able to see again.

Izzie and George walk into the front door of the hospital. The air is frosty around them. Izzie tells George that she's taking the elevator, so he'll have to take the stairs. He claims that was his plan all along, and walks away. Izzie gets on the elevator with some men. A couple of them start snickering, but cover it up when she glares at them. The elevator doors close, and we see that a blown-up copy of the Bethany Whisper ad is taped to the doors.

Cristina stomps into Nurse Fallon's room and turns on the light. Nurse Fallon wakes up and grumbles at Cristina for her rudeness. Cristina blames her shortness on being on call and not getting any sleep, but Nurse Fallon knows that Cristina would rather be at the hospital than anywhere, in part because Nurse Fallon knows that Cristina has neither boyfriend, girlfriend, nor pet waiting for her at home. Burke is in the doorway and is laughing at the hard time Nurse Fallon is giving Cristina. Cristina tells her that what she has waiting at home is a bed, but Nurse Fallon thinks there are more than enough beds at the hospital. She continues, "I don't feel sorry for you. This is who we are. This is our life." Through all of this, Cristina is giving Burke a series of nasty looks. As she walks out of the room, she asks if she can speak with him.

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