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Blindness, Babies and Bummers
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Remember when Derek had plans to build Meredith a dream house? I had almost forgotten, but it turns out that those plans are still alive, and currently he's trying to figure out how to give Meredith a tub with a view as well as two sinks. Mere squints at the plans as Alex makes toast and watches them, and she claims not to care. Her only stipulation is that she get a tub deep enough to cover her knees and her boobs at the same time. Derek tiredly repeats this as clearly he is very well aware, while I make a mental note to myself that I want exactly the same thing whenever the time comes that a hunky surgeon is building me my dream house. He's a bit exasperated and just kisses her and leaves, while Alex tries to get her to appreciate what Derek is doing for her. Meredith explains that she can't read the plans because the fertility drugs are making her eyes dry, so she has to squint to read, and claims not to care that much anyway. Alex gives her a bit of a look since not being able to see clearly isn't something most people just brush off, and suggests she talk to "that hot OB." Meredith calls him out on looking for any excuse to talk to Lucy while she VOs that everyone thinks doctors are totally responsible.

Sidebar: I just learned that Debbie Allen directed this episode, and I am filled with girlish glee. DEBBIE ALLEN! And she's directed two other episodes too! I recap this show every week but now the secret is out -- I never pay any attention to the credits, because I somehow missed this fact even though I LOVE HER. Debbie, I miss you so much as a judge on So You Think You Can Dance! I'm thrilled to belatedly learn that you are still somehow connected to my current television viewing!

Callie has an ultrasound, and when they see a tiny, grainy arm on the screen there's a chorus of "awwwws." However, that's about the only thing everyone agrees on because when Lucy asks if Callie has scheduled an amnio, Mark and Arizona's claws come out. Mark is adamant that they don't need one while Arizona thinks they do, and the two start bickering. Lucy notes dryly, "It's so nice that there are three of you," and Callie gives her a, "You're telling me, sister," look. Mark gets paged but before he leaves he makes Callie promise that they will discuss it before making any final decisions, and he leaves them as Callie shows Lucy just how long a 9-inch needle (like the one that would be inserted into her belly) really is.

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