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Blindness, Babies and Bummers

Lexie wanders outside after Ricky's surgery and as everyone suspected, Julia is hanging out there on a bench. After updating her that it went well, though, Lexie sits down to have a serious talk with the girl. Without mincing words, she tells Julia that she's killing Ricky, and there's nothing romantic about what is essentially a joint suicide pact. She also reminds Julia that not only is it unfair to the two of them and their families, but it's supremely unfair to the family of the person who just died and gave their lungs. Julia is silent, so Lexie tells her that she knows she feels like there's only one person for her but that eventually she'll find someone else and it will seem crazy that she was worried in the first place. Oh dude, that is so not the thing to ever say to someone in the midst of a breakup. It never, ever helps and no one ever wants to think about moving on yet. But instead of arguing, Julia just crumbles and says that Ricky really has to try and find someone because she doesn't want him to be alone. She then breaks down in tears, and a teary Lexie rubs her back to comfort her.

April has made it her mission to change Stark's mind and she actually approaches him again to once again discuss Kyle. She sits down as he works at a computer and tells him that Nancy will need follow-up appointments every two weeks for the next three years, so she'll make Kyle come with her each time and will examine him herself to make sure he's okay. She pleads that he's absolutely cherished by his parents, and she asks him again to call off the call to protective services. He's a little bit curious at this and she admits that they haven't actually made the call yet. But after a moment, he agrees. She's stunned, but he warns her to leave before he reconsiders and she jets out of there like her hair is on fire. Once she leaves, Stark does seem to take a moment to consider what just happened.

Lexie comes back inside and joins Avery in gazing at Ricky through the window as she reports that Julia is gone for real. She's not looking forward to telling Ricky, but Avery says that if he had to hear bad news, he'd want to hear it from her. A touching piano starts up on the soundtrack as she sighs and goes in to the room. Avery watches as Lexie takes Rick's hand and he starts to cry.

When Richard comes out of surgery Bailey reports that all of the tests were clean, and Richard is too quick to celebrate and write her accident off as clumsiness. Bailey won't let him off the hook so quickly, though, and tells him that something is clearly wrong. He won't listen to her and says that when you get older things like this happen, but she holds firm and tells him that if this was her wife, she'd go and ask the brilliant neurosurgeon who happens to be a close friend if he might take a look. Richard looks very serious but this time he doesn't yell at the insinuation that Adele might have early dementia of some variety.

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