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Blindness, Babies and Bummers

Callie and Arizona are at home, and Callie brings over two wine glasses -- one with wine for Arizona and one with milk for her, which I think is a rather awesome system. She's impressed at how Mark handled everything and thinks he'll be a great dad, but Arizona isn't nearly as excited by it and keeps reading the paper while trying to avoid the conversation. Callie tries to get her to talk about it and finally Arizona announces that she's neither excited nor delighted by Mark (the unspoken end to her sentence is, "like you are.") She tells Callie that she loves her, and she loves the baby, but that somehow in this she agreed to a lifetime with Mark and she never wanted that. She clarifies that she doesn't hate him, but doesn't want a life with him though that's now what she has. It's all understandable but really harsh, especially from someone who didn't have to come back into the situation in the first place. Callie asks what she's supposed to do since it's his kid, and Arizona snipes that she doesn't need to be reminded of that. She then says that Callie's getting everything: the woman she loves, the guy best friend who is great in bed, and a baby, while this isn't Arizona's dream. The look on Callie's face shows that this is totally not a dream situation but Arizona's too up her own ass to notice and she just picks the paper back up. Sigh. I am so tired of these two.

Back at the surgeon's orphanage, April runs into the bathroom where Lexie is taking a shower and proceeds to freak out about Stark asking her out on a date. Lexie is holding a towel rather awkwardly in front of the door but April's in too much of a tizzy to notice, especially since she actually accepted the invitation. Lexie forgets her own discomfort for a moment as she gasps in horror. April tells her there's a nice man under the crazy exterior, and that gives Lexie a moment to get control of herself and remember that she wants April gone. She finally has to yell at April to go, and once she leaves the camera pans around and we see Jackson hiding behind the door with Lexie holding her hand over his mouth. They both burst out laughing and get back to the making out that was surely happening when April burst through the door.

Meredith starts up her end-of-episode, lesson-teaching voiceover by telling us that doctors are responsible with their patients but then they use it all up and are morons when it comes to their own lives. Yes, I might be paraphrasing a tad. Cristina is sitting with Mere in the ophthalmologist's office complaining about Owen while Meredith freaks out wondering what will happen if she can't ever operate again. Cristina suggests she bartend since Cristina had such a great time doing it herself, which at least gives Meredith a much-needed laugh. She then seriously assures her friend that her eyesight will return. Richard then walks in and tells her that the doc will examine her every day and until he's cleared her, she's not allowed in an OR even to observe. (Though how could she, if she can't see anything clearly?) When he walks out, Meredith huffs indignantly at having been benched.

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