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Blindness, Babies and Bummers

Nancy Travis is a patient this week, because apparently this episode is full of people I love. She's known for many things, but hands down what I love her for most is So I Married an Axe Murderer. Remember when Mike Myers was really funny? Good times. Nancy is having less of a good time here, as she's just been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and is in Derek's clinical trial. Her husband and son Kyle are there with her, and the family is clearly close and incredibly worried about her. She can't remember a lot of details to answer questions that Meredith asks her, but Kyle pipes up and tells Mere what she has for lunch every day (half of a sandwich that they split when he gets home from school) and reminds his mom that one of her meds gives her drymouth, but that water helps. He doesn't seem bothered by it; he's calm and matter-of-fact while also clearly protective of her.

Teddy, Lexie and Avery meet their patient, Ricky, who is hooked up to oxygen and sporting blue lips, so it's fortunate that he's getting new lungs in a few hours. He's got cystic fibrosis but assures the docs he's followed directions and hasn't taken any meds nor had any food or water since the night before. The docs meet his girlfriend Julia for the first time, and she's very sweet but when Teddy says they'll need her phone number she gets incredibly suspicious and asks why. No one seems to pick up on this and they just tell her it's so they can update her during the surgery.

Richard seems to be moving ahead with his own clinical trial and is incredibly annoyed that Owen called him to come down and see a VIP patient. He complains about being interrupted as he was compiling all of the info and proceeds to lecture Owen on how hard it is to put together an application, but Owen just sort of smiles and nods and doesn't actually react to any of Richard's lecture as they walk to the ER. Finally, to shut Richard up as he keeps complaining, Owen pulls back the curtain to show the Chief that the VIP patient is none other than Adele, who appears to be covered in blood stains and holds an ice pack to her head.

Nancy and Kyle are laughing on the bed when Meredith and a tech come in to draw more blood, and she explains that if the labs are all clean they'll take her into the OR for the procedure. As Mr. Nancy hugs Kyle he tells him that they'll hope she gets "the good stuff." This gives Kyle the chance to look up and show off a big lump on his neck, which Mere notices right away. She asks about it casually and after Kyle assures her it doesn't hurt, Mr. Nancy explains, a bit embarrassed, that they meant to make an appointment to get it checked out but it kept getting put off with everything else going on. It seems totally understandable, and Mere assures them that as they have plenty of doctors around, she'll have someone come and take a look so that they have one less thing to worry about.

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