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Blindness, Babies and Bummers

I wonder if Kevin McKidd is going to be directing another episode because we really haven't seen a lot of him lately. He pops up now and kisses his wife on the cheek, and she smiles at him a moment before thanking him for not trying to knock her up. He's confused but is glad to have made her happy, and Cristina goes on to tell him about the "three musketeers" fighting and Meredith having to get injections every day. She thinks this is for nothing as she's not excited about the idea of sleep deprivation and baby poop. None of this is new to us, nor should it be new to Owen, but when Cristina says she's so happy she'll never have to deal with this, he rather patronizingly replies, "Yeah, yeah, yeah," laughs and leaves. She stares after him, confused.

Speaking of the three musketeers, they are having a snack break at a table that appears to be up on the catwalk. Do we have a break area up there now? Callie tells the others that she wants to have the amnio; she won't necessarily act on the results but she just wants to know. Arizona is barely even trying to hide her smugness at this news, but Mark just tells Callie that's fine and thanks her. Arizona's clearly disappointed as she wanted to rub Mark's face in it, or maybe have him fall to his knees to tell Arizona she was always right and he should never question her again, but he just tells Callie that all he wanted was for her to really think about it before she made a decision. She did, and he got outvoted, and that's fine as long as it was his 33% vote that counts and not a diminished percentage based on somebody's ladyparts.

Derek is cutting open Nancy's head -- I know it's going to be like this in every one of these surgeries and on top of that, I do realize this is TV and not actual surgery, but I don't think I'll ever not shudder to see a patient awake and talking as he makes his way into their skull. Meredith opens the magical envelope and beams when she sees that Nancy is scheduled to get the good stuff rather than the placebo. Derek offers her the chance to drill some holes in celebration but when he hands her the drill, she just holds it and stares down into Nancy's brain and squints. Derek asks her what's the matter and she admits she can't see it while we're treated to a shot from her perspective which is basically just a colorful, blurry mess. At least Mere knows to not try and fake her way through this particular scenario like she did with the sink/tub dilemma.

Teddy is scrubbing in for Ricky's surgery but is still super pissed about the entire situation, especially as she's sure that they are lying and have no plans to really break up. Avery asks if they should just halt the transplant, but the lungs are already on their way to Seattle. Lexie tries to play good cop by asking if maybe it will all be okay after all, because maybe they are soulmates, while you can almost see her thinking that if these two can make it work, maybe she and Mark can do the same. Teddy doesn't even dignify this with an answer and goes inside, so Avery calls her on thinking about Mark. She tries briefly to deny it but then tells Avery that after hearing him talk about raising a special needs child she realizes he's a good guy, and she's worried she didn't think about it when she left. Avery's incredibly doubtful of this since Lexie thinks through everything, so Lexie finally asks in a small voice if maybe she was wrong. Avery is going to do all he can to keep his chances alive and he asks Lexie if she really wants to date Mark plus two women and a baby. Hey, there's the making of a kooky Hollywood movie! It's almost like an update of Three Men and a Baby co-starring... Nancy Travis! It's the circle of life. Lexie realizes that when it's said bluntly like that, it sounds pretty bad.

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