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Gizzie's Last Dance?

Bailey finds Richard scrubbing out of surgery and asks him humbly if he still has a spot for her in general surgery, as she would like to accept. He's surprised and not terribly happy about this, especially since he finally got on board with her plan. Bailey tells him about the ultimatum, and he guesses that she chose her marriage. But he underestimates Bailey's awesomeness, and she answers in a slightly offended tone that she's leaving him, as a marriage shouldn't have ultimatums. But now that she's going to be a single mom, she doesn't think a new job with crazy hours is the right move. This hits a nerve, and she curses as she starts to break down. She apologizes, it's the first time she's said it out loud and that seems to have just made it real. He asks if she's sure and says that Tucker is just scared and might come around. And then we see one of the lines from the omnipresent episode promos, that played so badly out of context but which is really affecting here. She sobs, "We're all scared!" She points out that Izzie almost died and now has no short-term memory and George is going to war, which are both legitimately scary. What Tucker has to face isn't scary, "He's just weak." She's not wrong. Richard puts his hand on her shoulder but she tells him that won't help as she struggles to reel her emotions back in. He asks if he should go, and with total Bambi eyes she says no. He agrees softly to just stand there with her if that's all right, and she quietly says, "Yes, sir. That would be fine." They stare at each other as she tries to regain control. The scene was really affecting because Chandra Wilson is amazing, but it felt a leeetle like it was taken from, "Emmy Submission Scenes for Dummies."

Mark has hung up a couple of house listings on an x-ray light board when Lexie walks in, surprised to find him already done with surgery. I guess that means John gets his arm back? She skeptical about him buying a house and calls him out on doing it so that she'll feel bad and think he's moving on without her so that she will then regret her decision and change her mind. Did she not listen to Meredith's narration or Bailey's Emmy scene? While Mark's approach is lame, she's supposed to be learning to seize the day but isn't actually changing her mind and doing so. Mark finally asks if this is what girls do when they say they are moving on. She tells him yes, but that it generally doesn't involve a home loan. He denounces it as pathetic, and then tries to tell her that he really is moving on. "I'm a better woman than you." She scoffs, and rightfully so, because he's still not in any better shape than he was before.

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