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Gizzie's Last Dance?

Alex sits beside Izzie and quietly pleads with her to wake up until she manages to croak that she has a headache. Alex is thrilled that she's awake and talking, and then orders her to talk again to make sure. She tries to get him to tone it down on account of said headache, so he yells for someone to page Derek. She croaks, "Ow" as he apologizes over the title card.

Post dude-hug, Hunt finds Cristina and she asks him what it was all about. Hunt positively beams as he tells her that he slept for the first time the night before. Cristina is a little confused about why that would cause her More Than A Friend But Still Not In A Relationship On Account Of The PTSD Choking Problem to hug George, but Hunt quickly tells her that George has his own news, and he'll let George tell that. He then continues to tell her that she's the reason he was able to finally sleep without nightmares, since she came with him to see his mom. Her mouth starts to twitch with a little smile as he takes the next step and says that he could be a better man for her, and if she was okay with it, with her. He quickly tells her not to say anything and to think about it, and then gives her one heck of a kiss before running off, looking hopeful. She actually still looks happy, but also incredibly confused.

George should probably savor the man-hug because the next person to tell is Bailey, and she's not in the mood for anything. He promises her he'll be quick since he has to scrub in with the Chief but then babbles nervously about how she's going to be mad, but what he is doing is important and he thinks she'll eventually be proud. He even dons a high voice and says she's probably going to ask, "What did you do?" but then he immediately (and wisely) apologizes for the imitation. When Bailey asks if he calls this quick, he blurts out, "I joined the Army to be a trauma surgeon I report for duty tomorrow." Nope, I didn't forget any punctuation -- it was all practically one word. There's a pause, then wait for it... waaait for iiiit... "You did WHAT?" George concedes, "Yeah, that's where I thought we'd start."

Cristina tells Mere that something is up with George, and she doesn't know what it is but he and Hunt hugged and seemed happy. The look of disgust on both of their faces is delightful as Meredith points out that they don't hug when either of them is happy. Cristina's tone then changes and softens as she asks Meredith if she really is happy and better after therapy or if she's just faking it. Mere is smiling and asks what Cristina means -- apparently, I guess being happy has made her remarkably dense if she can't understand her best friend in a rare serious moment. Cristina asks if she is different, or at least feels different, clearly trying to learn if it's something that could really happen. Meredith really is different and proves it by telling Cristina that she's getting married today. Cristina is gobsmacked and asks if she should come, but Meredith is just letting her know; it's going to be quick and simple. Being well agrees with Meredith -- the last couple of episodes she has looked as glowy and pretty as I think I've ever seen her, and I wonder too if Ellen Pompeo was already pregnant at this point in real life and glowing because of that as well. Cristina thinks of something and roots around in her pockets before she pulls out some blue post-its and tears off the top one. It's her grocery list, and it's old, and she's giving it to Meredith. The rest of the post-its are new, and the pen she hands over is her favorite and she wants it back, so it is borrowed. All of these things are blue, so she's covered. Meredith points out, "Now see, if we were George and Owen we would hug right now." The give each other appalled looks and flee in separate directions.

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