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Bailey marches into the trauma room, where there's still craziness as they all try to stabilize John. She demands to know what Hunt did to George and when Hunt is confused, she asks who else would convince him to join the Army and be a surgeon in Iraq. Everyone in the room is stunned, especially Callie, and John crashes again. Bailey orders Hunt to undo whatever he did, but Hunt's ready to argue and yells that all he did was give George an education in trauma and had no idea he would enlist. Judging from what we've seen, I think that's true -- while I guess he could have brought him in to work on Matt to try and sway him, I always got the idea that he thought he would be good at trauma, period, not necessarily in a war zone.

Callie notices that John has an open hip fracture, and that's why they can't stop the bleeding, so he needs an angio. They get a slight rhythm back and while normally they'd never do it on someone so weak, they have to try or he will die for sure. Bailey, meanwhile, points out that she knows how messed-up Hunt is (implying that the choking incident is public knowledge around the hospital), and he needs to get George out of this so it doesn't happen to him. Callie is livid and storms out, telling him to page her if she's needed, and Bailey also leaves in an angry huff. Mark walks in and asks what Hunt did to piss off all the women; I imagine he's pleased to see that it wasn't him that did it this time. They all wheel John out and Hunt tells him it would be great if he can stay alive for a few moments.

Arizona goes to find Bailey and offers that they might be bouncier (well, rollier at any rate) in peds, but she thought she would be more excited. "Because you look pretty dour for someone who's about to start a highly prized fellowship." Bailey is still not saying anything until Callie walks up behind Arizona and says she has a plan to stop George, is Bailey in? Arizona asks what's up and learns about the Army thing, and Bailey says she's in and takes off.

Arizona then asks Callie why they want to stop him. Callie answers as if it's the most obvious answer in the world, "Because he joined the Army." Arizona asks, "And?" Callie, in the most annoying, condescending tone she can muster, points out that he's her ex-husband and she also knows and loves his mom. Izzie would normally talk sense into him, but she's got bigger fish to fry right now with her cancer and "bad mental deficit," Arizona still wants to know why she wants to stop him and Callie, livid now, asks if she doesn't think it is a problem. Arizona announces, "I think that's awesome." Callie is aghast and looks at Arizona like she sprouted a second head that spouts obscenities and then storms off. Lovely, now they aren't talking about an issue again, and Callie is just mad to be mad. Also? I am kind of appalled that only two people are behind him in this choice because it is brave, and it is awesome. Not many people would make this big a sacrifice to help other people.

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