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Gizzie's Last Dance?

Mark and Derek look at John's scans -- Derek thinks Mark will have a hard time saving the arm, but Mark just declares confidently that he can get the arm back to full function if he can get there in time. Thank goodness he's better at surgery than relationships. He tells Derek he's thinking of buying a house, which Derek thinks is great. Derek then shares that he and Mere are getting married that afternoon, which Mark thinks is good news. Derek adds that he wishes he could just save Izzie, but Mark stops this line of thinking and tells him he's allowed to get married and be happy. It's a reminder that these two are actually best friends and have been for a while, despite recent events, and they do their own man-hug to celebrate. Mere walks in and wonders why all the hugging today, but Hunt walks in with the plan for John so there's no answer. Callie follows him in, and Hunt tells Derek he'll evacuate the epidural (who in the what now?), Hunt and Mere will handle the internal injuries, Callie then will do something that sounds like "internal fixators," which from the sound of it will maybe hold John's skeleton together. If all that goes well, then Mark can go work on his arm. Mere asks if he thinks John has a shot, and Hunt tells her he's seen people come back from worse. Is it any wonder he's got PTSD if he's seen worse than this?

Arizona finds Callie, who is not very happy to see her. She asks if Callie will talk to Bailey about the peds situation and Callie icily declines, saying she will talk to Bailey about the Army thing instead. Arizona asks angrily if Callie is upset, and Callie gives a cocky laugh and says no, she's awesome. Arizona says her name but Callie jumps in and stops her, appalled that Arizona thinks sweet, kind George's joining the Army is awesome. Arizona repeats her opinion that it is, in fact, awesome and Callie actually tells her, "No it's not." She then demands, "Who are you?" and storms off. It's cocky and quite frankly it's offensive, especially since she won't even ask why it is that Arizona feels this way and instead treats her like a moron.

The team is working on John and the question of the hour is, could you step in front of a bus for a stranger? Derek points out that that is what Hunt has been basically doing for the last couple of years. Well, I spoke too soon, it sounds like Derek might appreciate Army surgeons as well. Also, I feel like this could certainly be construed as a little clue to John Doe's identity. Hunt plays it down and claims that others did the work and he just cleaned up. But to his credit, Derek tells him that he sewed up soldiers under fire, which is certainly not cleaning up. He then asks if they think George can handle it. Callie jumps in to say no, and it's in a sad voice but it just somehow makes me madder. It just seems so condescending, like she pities George, when he's making a huge life decision that quite frankly seems at least sounder than a quickie wedding in the wake of his father's death. Derek thinks George will surprise everyone, and Mark kindly thinks he'll return in a body bag. Thankfully, Mere finally tells everyone to shut up.

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