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Gizzie's Last Dance?

Arizona marches into the on-call room in a thunderous mood and doesn't give Callie a chance to be a bigger bitch, instead just launching into what she has to say. Maybe she doesn't understand people and that's why she doesn't understand why Callie is so upset, but she thinks it's awesome. Callie sweetly tells her to shut up. Dude, if this were a guy and we weren't that far into dating? This would be SO OVER, because I wouldn't stand for someone to dismiss my opinion so quickly and without basis. Arizona is a bigger person than me, though, and continues that she thinks what George is doing is, "dangerous and terrifying and brave." He's serving his country and risking his life to save the men and women who make it possibly for Callie and Arizona to sleep safely at night. And then she delivers the final blow, which totally explains her position and which Callie might have tried to learn earlier -- Arizona's brother was killed serving in Iraq and she was there to see his coffin return and get a flag. He died because of the shortage of doctors and so she thinks George is a patriot and hero. That's who she is. That said, she turns to leave but a chastised Callie grabs her hand and says she's sorry.

Cristina is hanging out in the boiler room when Hunt walks in, but he quickly excuses himself when he realizes she's already there -- it's sweet that he actually respects that she would want to be alone. She tells him to stay, though, and takes a huge breath before finally forcing out the words, "I love... you." He's confused, because she sounds like this upsets her, but says he loves her, too. She stops him and repeats it, sounding like it's a death sentence. She tries to explain how he traumatized her by coming to Seattle and pulling out her icicle and making her love him. She doesn't want to, but, "I can't breathe... without you." He looks like his every dream has just come true and he tries to assure her that she/they can do this. She just has to meet him halfway. "All you have to do is say yes." He repeats this and then leaves her alone to consider it. Swooooooon. I'll take McArmy over McDreamy any day.

Alex is still quizzing Izzie, but she's clearly figured out how to tune him out and just comments on how disgusting the green jell-o is that she is eating. He taps the note that says, "You keep asking for lime jell-o and don't like it," like a prissy schoolmarm and so she points out, "So stop giving it to me." Well, her brain is gone but at least she's making good sense. Alex retorts that she gets mad if he doesn't give it to her, and begins to quiz her again. She's tired and tries to get him to give her a break, but he tells her to suck it up. She tells him to back off, that she's sorry it's hard for him but he's not the one with the short-term memory of "a carrot." She really enjoys veggie metaphors. He takes her food tray and slams it down on the counter, which is the last straw for her. (That is, of course, until she gets annoyed all over again in a couple of minutes.) She tells him to get it off his chest, since she won't remember in a few minutes. It's the invite he's been waiting for and with no hesitation he launches into a rant about how he's not the carrot but he is married to it. He calls their wedding a crock that they only even did because they thought she'd die in a week, and challenges that she promised she wouldn't live like this, so what does he do now? He suggests a couple of options: smothering her with a pillow or overdosing her on morphine. However, he's not really "psyched" about that, nor about leaving her. Izzie clearly didn't expect quite this level of venom and looks stunned as he continues that he knows he doesn't have it as bad as her, but it's still not easy for him. She digests this, clenching her jaw, and he apologizes in a much smaller voice than he was just using. She assures him that she told him to get it off his chest, and wow, did he do that. He sounds like a little boy as he hopefully asks if she's forgotten yet, but she tells him through gritted teeth, "Nope. Not yet, gimme a minute."

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