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Oy, Gevalt

Thanks to the many people who wrote to remind me about the difference between a diaphragm and an IUD. My high school health teacher is so embarrassed for me right now. Also, in a previous recap I maligned Addison by claiming that she called McSteamy's visit an "intercontinental booty call." In fact, she properly called it a "transcontinental booty call." Finally, Addison's stated medical specialty (or specialties) involves pregnant women, newborn babies, and people with genetic abnormalities, so it make sense that she's involved in so many different types of cases. You guys sure keep a recapper honest. And I don't mind, as long as you don't choke me.

Previously, on Grey's Anatomy, Izzie cut Denny's LVAD wire and Denny died. And lots of pretty people screwed up their relationships.

Izzie is cooking pancakes and bacon on a griddle. She's smacking her gum like a short-order cook. I hope she tells somebody to kiss her grits. George and Meredith enter the kitchen. George is apprehensive, worried that they're about to be buried beneath a mountain of high-fat breakfast goods. But Izzie reassures him that she's not planning to cook breakfast obsessively -- she just felt like making a big breakfast for Meredith, who is returning to work for the first time after having her appendix removed. Meredith asks if Izzie is okay, and she tells them both that she's obviously fine, as she's now a millionaire. She continues to babble about what she might do with her life now that she's rich enough to do whatever she wants. She's leaning towards opening a bed and breakfast in Vermont. She also tells them that she's going to the hospital -- but not to ask for her job back. Instead, she's just going to clean out her locker. And then she spills a massive amount of orange juice on the kitchen counter, completely soaking the check for $8.7 million. George and Meredith freak out over this, but Izzie doesn't seem to care a bit. I'm guessing that the check already has some bacon grease and pancake batter on it, given its proximity to the stovetop. George cleans up the check and deposits it in the dish strainer to dry off, while Meredith insists that Izzie deposit the check in the bank. Meredith and George both give her worried looks, but she insists several times that she's fine. Oh, you really want to know what the Meredith V.O. says? She's babbling on about the first rule of doctoring being "first, do no harm." But harm inevitably happens, and it's followed closely by guilt.

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